Sunday, 13 December 2015

DIY Bows

I think this has to be one of my favourite DIY projects just because they are so cute and I will 100% be putting these on all of my gifts for my family!! I hope you love these just as much as I do! Also I would love to see all of your gift wrapping, because I am sad like that and I love seeing nicely wrapped gifts!

This DIY is sooo simple, all you're going to need is;
Paper (Your choice of colour)
Marker pens
& Selotape

You will want to cute out a template that you can use to draw around, so making loads of bows will be easy, all you need are these three shapes!

I drew around my template onto my green and red paper, I used green and red pens just so that if there is some pen left on my bows it won't stand out! Cut them all out and group them up!

First of all you're going to take the piece that looks like a pair of glasses and fold the sides in half and tape them at the back together.

Lastly you will need to pop the bows on top of the ribbon shaped cut out and use the small strap to wrap around the two pieces and tape together at the back! and you're DONE! how easy is that!?!
I hope I have explained that clearly, but once you get going it will be so easy and obvious, they are so simple to make but they actually look like you've put quite a bit of effort into them and I know that it will make my wrapping look 1000 times better!! 

Talk soon x

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