Friday, 31 July 2015

July favourites

I haven't ever done a monthly favourites, because I feel like they need to be in a video but I thought I would give it a go and see how this works out! I am considering making up a YouTube channel and starting to make videos, that would be so much fun, however I worry that with me working full time and trying to upload on my blog regularly that I won't be able to be consistent on YouTube?! I don't know I will try think it out and maybe give it a go we shall see. But for now enjoy my favourites of this month!

In England summer has finally come!! (Although this is England so it's not hot all the time) but I like to think of these as my summer favorites.

So these are all of my July favorites, I have chosen quite a few make-up products, some skin care products, hair products and then a few random items! I have also done previous blog posts on some of these items so I will have them linked with their pictures so that you can go and check them out if you wish to find out more about that item.

Make-up products

The Porefessional - PRO balm to minimize the appearance of pores.
This stuff is AMAZING, it feels so silky and smooth on my skin and gives me such a lovely finish to my make-up, it also helps keeping my make-up on for longer. This retails for around £25.

Collection - 16 hour wear concealer.
As you can see all of the writing has rubbed off, but I think that just goes to show how much I use this, in fact it is almost finished so I need to go and get a new one ASAP. This is the best concealer I have yet found, there are also a lot of bloggers/youtubers that rave about this product to, so basically you should go and try it! I get really good coverage from this and I would recommend it to anyone who struggles with blemishes or dark eyes. This retails for around £4.20.

Rimmel London - Lasting finish foundation.
This is a new purchase of mine but so far I have been loving it, I thought I would try this one out for the summer because it has spf 20 so that helps for the rare sunny days! It is a medium coverage foundation so it feels quite light on the skin. I will be doing a review on this foundation next week so I will attach that here for more information. This retails for around £8

Maybelline New York - Master precise liquid liner.
This is a felt tip liner which I have fallen in love with and now I don't think I could ever go back to normal liquid liner pots or gel liner. The felt tip makes application so much easier for me, I feel like I have more control and can build it up as much as I want. This retails for around £6

Maybelline London - Lash sensational mascara.
This one came as quite a shock to me because I do not normally like plastic brushes on mascaras, I always have to use bristle brushes, however, this is a plastic brush and I am completely in love! This mascara makes my eyelashes look so big and long it separates them all perfectly so they're not clumped together. This is a mascara I will definitely be repurchasing. This retails for around £8 

Rimmel London - Provocalips 110 Dare to pink.
This is a fairly new product from Rimmel and I am pretty obsessed with it, this is a kiss proof 16 hour wear lip stain and it works wonders! I won't talk to much about this because I have a whole blog post on this, go and check that out.
Rimmel London Provocalips Review

Forbidden Lips - Cranberry Crush.
This is a lip gloss which I had bought from a company called PartyLite, they mainly sell beautiful scented candles but they do have a few other products. I tried this lip gloss and knew instantly that I needed it because OMG it tastes soooo yummy! Now I know that you're not meant to eat lip gloss but when its on your lips you can taste it, don't judge me. I have no idea were I can find them to buy some more of these which makes me so sad but I think I got it for about £12 which I know is quite a bit but its defiantly worth it.

This is my last beauty favourite, and this is the travel set from Real Techniques. This set contains the Essential foundation brush, The Domed shadow brush and the Multi task brush, I think this is a perfect little set that contains the basic brushes that you would need for a full face of make-up, it comes in a cute compact wallet which makes it easy to take on the go. It also has a few extra slots for more brushes so any extra brushes you want to put in their with them you can! This retails for $18 on the official website.

Skin care

Simple - Eye make-up remover.
I am a huge lover of Simple skin care products I use a lot of their range, this is the eye make-up remover and it does the job well, it takes off all my eye make-up with out fail and doesn't irritate my eyes. I have been using this for a few years now and I don't know if I will ever find it in me to try out a new brand, this works for me so why would I change?? I'm also running low on this so need to go and get some more. This retails for around £3.40

Simple - Purifying cleansing lotion.
This is one of two simple moistures that I use but I chose this one as my favorite because not only does it moisturize but is cleanses my skin as well so I use this on before bed when I am removing make-up and just cleaning my face. These moisturizers last me for ages because you really don't need to use a lot, just a little pea sized amount would do my whole face. Again I've been using this for quite some time and don't know if I could bring myself to trying anything new?! This retails for around £3.30 

Zoella Beauty - Candy cream body lotion.
Zoes new product range is amazing! I have only bought and tried 4 of the products but from what I've tried they are brilliant but I have chosen my two favourite! This body lotion is perfect, it dries quickly and leaves my skin feeling so soft. It's also quite fun, there are bursting beads mixed in and as you rub in the moisturizer the beads almost melt into your skin. Check out my review on these products for more. This retails for £5

Zoella Beauty - Scrubbing me softly body scrub.
This body scrub is by far my favourite in Zoes new range!! It is a sugar scrub so it isn't as harsh as salt scrubs which is perfect for my skin. The smell of this and all the products is beautiful, and it really soakes into your skin so you end up smelling lovely too! I used this scrub in the bath and then used the candy cream lotion after and my skin felt unbelievably soft. This retails for £7

Clearskin - blackhead clearing astringent.
I use this every evening before bed, once I have finished cleaning my face I use this and it stings a tiny bit but that just means it's working! This stuff is my holy grail it helps keep away blackheads and spots, it cleans out all my pores. I get this from the Avon catalogue for around £2.50

Simple - Spot Zapper
The main reason I have included this into my favourites is because this is one of the only spot reduction creams that work on me, when I put this on a spot that is under the skin sometimes it doesn't even come out, and if I put it on a spot that I have popped (sorry to gross you out) it helps the healing process and brings down redness. It just makes having spots less of a hassle. This retails for around £5


Biore - Deep cleansing pore strips.
These little strips are brilliant, they are just small fabric sheets with some sort of a glue (it's not glue haha) on one side and you put them over your nose wet it and then leave it to dry for 10-15 minutes you then rip it off your nose and blackheads or any dirt will come out on it. I use one of these a month, or just when my skin is getting bad, and the results are great. This retails for about £3 a box.


Pebble - portable charger.
This little gem is a life saver!! I take this out in my bag everywhere I go and if my phone ever runs low this holds a full charge for a phone! The brilliant thing about this is that it's small portable and pink! You can get so many different types of these portable batteries and they are normally for around £10.

Fujifilm - Polaroid camera.
As a big lover of photography I absolutely love my Polaroid camera! It's a fun little thing to have and I do probably use it most around the summer season, you get instant cute photographs and I never get bored of watching my photos slowly reveal as the ink develops! It's so fun and all your friends will love it! The camera retails for around £75 and then you can get the film online for around £10 for 3 packs I think??

Crocodile clips
These clips are always in my bag or in my hair! I can throw my hair up in a bun or just pull it out of my face, I use them to keep my hair back when doing my make-up, when I'm at work! They are just so handy and they just look really cute as well. For the summer they are great as well because I can just get my hair up of my neck. I got these ones from New Look and I think it was a set of 3 for £6.

John Frieda - Lightening spray
I love using a lot of the John Frieda Go blonder products like the shampoo and conditioner and this is the lightening spray, I have never died my hair and I don't plan on doing so either, I like having blonde hair but to have a bit of fun I like to use stuff to enhance and lighten my hair. In the summer my hair goes a lot blonder from the sun, so I just use these stuff to help with the blondness! This retails for about £4
John Frieda Go Blonder Review

I hope you have enjoyed my favourites of July, If you enjoyed this and want to maybe see me start doing videos on YouTube then leave a comment and let me know! Also tell me what your favourites are at the moment!

Talk soon x


  1. I love you polaroid, I am meant to be saving up for one myself:)

    Like yourself, I have been loving real techniques brushes thus month as I purchased the ones for the eyes, I have also been loving the Maybelline under the eye concealer.

    1. I love my Polaroid! Definitely worth it!!
      Also thank you very much for my first ever comment makes me VERY happy!!

      I will definitely check out and follow your blog:D x

  2. I've just recently rediscovered the Porefessional primer - that stuff is so amazing! I also love the Maybelline Lash Sensational, definitely my favourite mascara at the moment!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Professional primer is just brilliant and it feels amazing!! Love your blog as well!

  3. So many of your favourites are the same as mine!!
    Lizzy | by Lizzy x

    1. Haha! It's so hard to decide sometimes I just love all my make-up!!
      You have an amazing blog by the way x