Sunday, 15 November 2015

Blog Photography Tips

I am not a professional!! I absolutely love photography, it is a big hobby of mine and I have a big passion for beautiful photographs.
I did take photography at A levels so I do have a limited amount of knowledge, I do also be live though that you cannot teach photography! You really can just teach yourself if you have enough love for it!

I thought I would create a blog post on a few tips I have for blogging photography, with a few Dos and Donts I hope I can help you with improving your photography!

The placement of the product/object that you are shooting is very important, there are obvious things like having it facing the right way so you can see what the product is!? But you need to play around with standing it up, laying it down, lid on, lid off?? There isn't really a right or wrong with photography it is just whatever you think looks best.
I always have about 20 pictures of each product maybe even more, just where I have moved it around a bit and adjusted the positioning, this then means when I have them all open on my computer and I can pick and choose which one looks best. You always want option otherwise you just end up using whatever you've got when it is not even be that great.

The background of your pictures is vital! You do not want there too be to much clutter otherwise it can distract you from the product you are trying to focus on, I would advise having a completely clear background, so a white, black or coloured backdrop, or just minimize what is the the background of your picture.
If you do have a background with some products in the background or props, then it can be nice to have the background unfocused and then the foreground focused on the one product.

The lighting plays a huge part in taking a good photo, now this all depends on what type of camera you're are using! I use a nikon DSLR and I have an extension flash for my camera, I personally hate the automatic flash that is on the camera, that is my personal opinion, I think its too yellow and doesn't do my pictures any justice. I play around with my flash A LOT!!! adjusting the brightness and trying out different filters and covers. (I know this isn't photography terms, like I said I'm far from a professional)
All I can say is play around and see what works best because it will all change depending on what natural lighting you have and what the object is, again there is no right or wrong just whatever you think looks best.

I know there wasn't too much, but I thought that these 3 are the most important factors hen trying to get a good photograph for a blog, or anything else for that matter! Photography is great fun, and if you really do enjoy it then just play around with your camera as much as you can, trust me over time you will just get better!

Talk soon x

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Homemade Pizza

Last weekend I went to visit my Best friend Charlotte and her boyfriend Jonathan at their uni, and we had the funniest weekend ever, I really have missed this girl A LOT!!! For dinner we decided to make our own pizza, we thought it would be a bit of fun and pizza is always yummy!!
We popped out to the shops and bought a lot of different toppings and we also bought dough making kits, cause we are lazy! It went really well, for some of us... 

I feel like cheese is the most important ingredient when making pizza, so we decided on cheddar and mozzarella, I love mozzarella and what we didn't use me and charlotte just ate!!

We also bought a good selection of veg, we had red onion, sweet peppers, chives, garlic and pineapple.

(This is actually a picture from Charlottes snapchat but it's proof that we did kind of "make" the dough, we added water and I mixed it all together to form a dough!!)

Once the dough was at a good consistency I split it up into three 'equal' balls and then the fun started!!

Jonathan decided to go for a THICK crust...

Once we had shaped our dough we then smothered our bases in tomato puree.

I feel like my creation is very colorful and just looks damn yummy!!

Charlotte went for a rustic homemade look staying away from the typical pizza circle!! She also spend about half an hour (not really that long) carefully placing each topping on her pizza, so in the end I helped her and threw stuff on.

They tasted sooo good!!! Im getting hungry writing this post but ohh my I want that pizza right now!
Both me and charlotte just went for a bit of everything, but I didn't use any ham.

Maybe avoid THICK crust otherwise you end up like poor Jonathan here, un-patiently waiting for his dough to cook!!

Finally Jonathans' was ready, after a loooonnngggg wait! He had gone for a Ham and pineapple pizza with some seriously thick crust!

I will defiantly be doing this again and maybe even venturing out a bit more and trying out some different ways! I hope you have enjoyed this post and it hasn't made you too hungry. I am going to go and eat now.

Talk soon x

Monday, 9 November 2015

Skin care routine

I really do believe that taking good care of our skin is vital, you've got to live in your skin for the rest of your life, so you should probably treat it well!! Now I don't have a complex routine at all, in fact I'm going to start buying a few more products and building up my routine, but for now here is how I take care of my skin!!

Morning Routine!

The first thing I do is wet my face with some warm water, I then get my Arbonne FC5 Purifying Cleanser + Toner, this is my face wash to remove any nasties from my face!!! I will rub this all around my face in small circular motions I then use a wet flannel to wipe off the face wash and all the dirt!!

Next I will moisturize with my Arbonne Oil-Absorbing Day Lotion, (keeping in mind this is my routine for oily skin, you may choose to use different ranges/products if you have a different skin type).

Lastly I use my Arbonne Mattifying Powder, this is saviour!! It helps with stopping my face from looking shiny and wet, it also helps with keeping my make-up on for longer.

Night Routine!

My Night routine is pretty basic and boring, I will just use my Arbonne Cleanser and Toner to remove my make-up, although you cannot use it on your eyes so I use my Arbonne Easy on the eyes Eye make-up remover. I then wipe my face clean with a flannel and go to bed! I will probably add to my night time routine soon, however, I think that you should keep a simple night routine otherwise I find that I get lazy sometimes and will just skip it all and go straight to sleep, which is very bad for your skin!!!! Keep it simple so you can stick to it and slowly build it up over time.

This is not a sponsored post, I just love Arbonne so much and I use it all the time!!!
I am also an Independent Consultant for Arbonne but my opinion is my own and honest, I just want to share my love for this AMAZING company!!

Talk Soon x

Friday, 6 November 2015

Dating someone with Anxiety

I suffer with Anxiety, but absolutely everyone is different so I have tried to come up with a few tips to help anyone dating someone with anxiety, my boyfriend does a really good job with helping me through my anxiety. Hopefully these tips help you in some way, but you will need to adjust everything to each individual persons needs.

Reassure them all the time - This can be irritating, but it makes the world of a difference and they will appreciate it.

Keep them in the loop of your life -  This is one of my personal most important! I know it may seem clingy, annoying and maybe untrusting, however, letting them know where you are, when you get home and what you're plans are ect. This helps so much with keeping them calm and not having the worst case scenario in their head.

Text them regularly - This is sort of the same as keeping them in the loop of your life, just texting them to let them know when you're on your way, or when you get home. This may seem obnoxious but there brain will be grateful. This doesn't mean you're not aloud to have your own life.

HUGS!! - This one isn't a hard one, but after having an anxious stressful day a hug really can make a huge change. I know for sure that a hug makes me much calmer and happier.

Triggers - Now this is probably the hardest one, but finding out hat triggers there anxiety attacks will help you so much with keeping them calm and maybe even preventing the anxiety attacks. I think it can also help with sympathizing them and trying to understand how they feel.

No Surprises unless you KNOW it will make them happy - I love a surprise as much as the next person, but if you're dating someone with anxiety and you want to surprise them, again you need to get to know there anxiety and what triggers it. For example I am a huge lover of when my boyfriend brings me flowers or just shows up to my house, however, I would hate if he said he was taking me out for dinner because I stress about not liking anything on the menu so I like to check the menu before I got o any restaurant. Although at this point in our relationship I would be okay if he said that he was taking me out for dinner and he has checked the menu and that there is 100% one thing I will eat. So it all depends on the individual.

Be there - Simple and easy just be there if they need a cuddle, be there is they need a phone call. It can be really complex living with anxiety, it is hard to control and it can ruin any moment, so letting them know that they are not suffering alone and that you care can help keep them going.

These are just the few things that I could think of that may help someone suffering with anxiety there are obviously many more, if you do have any good ones then leave them in the comments for everyone to see!!

Talk soon x