Wednesday, 30 December 2015

What I got for Christmas

This is a very exciting post! This post is a special one because I have a YouTube video to go with it!!! My first ever YouTube video and I am very excited about this, I really hope you guys enjoy this post and my video!! Check my YouTube video out HERE!!

Now I know that these sort of posts/videos can come across in different ways to everyone, as can any other post, but I had decide to go ahead with it anyway because I personally love seeing what people got for Christmas and their birthdays. My birthday is in January so I love watching everyone's "What I got for Christmas" videos to help me with what I might like to ask for for my birthday. I am not trying to brag about what I have been given I am very greatful for every single gift I have received and I just wanted to share them with you! 

I hope you have all had an amazing Christmas and lets walk into 2016 feeling happy and positive and make 2016 the best year you can make it!!
I really hope you enjoy my YouTube video and hopefully in the new year I will be able to keep it up and get 1000X better! I love you all so much and thank you for the endless support!

Talk soon x 

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Winter Make-up Favourites

Through out the winter months and particularly around christmas my make-up changes quite a bit! I like to keep my skin clear and focus on my lips and eyes. The red lippy comes out and the sparkly eyeshadows get used more than ever. These are my winter go to make-up products!

First and most importantly is the Lipsticks! If i had to choose only one make-up product for winter it would probably be a red lipstick! But these are my four most popular choices throughout November, December and January. Starting from the left of my swatches I have;
Rimmel London - Kate 001 Red nose red
Mac Matte - Ruby Woo
Revolution Ultra Velour - Say yes, it's what we do best
Arbonne - Terra
I threw in a non-red shade because on those days where I'm not feeling as daring or maybe not really going out anywhere then I will normally go with a dark toupee beige, just more of a natural look.

Eye Shadow palettes are a huge love of mine and these two, Urban Decay - Naked and Revolution - What you waiting for? are perfect for the christmas season!! You have a huge range of shimmer shades and the shades I'm most obsessed with the golds and coppers. You can create some beautiful smokey eyes with these palettes.

Of course you can not leave your eyelashes! These three mascaras have been my absolute favourites!!! I can not express my love for all of these mascaras, they make my eyelashes look amazing and I genuinely couldn't choose a favourite out of these three! If you haven't tried them I strongly recommend that you do.
Arbonne - It's a long story
Rimmel - Super curler
Maybelline - Lash sensational
 Also I have been loving eyelashes lately, but I am not use to wearing false lashes and I really don't like it when my eyes are so heavy that I struggle to keep them open! So these little beauties have been a life saver I have managed to get use to wearing false lashes and they look so natural which I love!

Lastly I do have a few face products because although I don't really focus on my skin so much if I am going out for a party then I will go for a full face. First of all the Arbonne make-up primer is a dream, this product is so smooth and silky!! It also helps keep my make-up on all day and night if I'm up all night at my christmas work parties! I then also like to add bits of colour to my face because I do get pretty pail in the colder months! I really like the MUA undress you skin bronzer, mostly because it has a bit of shimmer in, which I normally hate in a bronzer, but because it christms I can't say no to a bit of shimmer. Lastly I have my MUA whipped velvet blush in the shade Hedonic, trust me it doesn't come out this pink, but it does give me a nice rosy cheek and adds a pop of colour!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my go to products for winter time! I would love to know what your go to red lipsticks are because I'm obsessed with lipsticks at the moment!

Talk soon x 

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Gift Wrapping Ideas

OMG it is getting so close to Christmas and I'm sooo blimin excited!! Now I managed to finish my Christmas shopping and wrapping in November which makes me so proud. I don't know if anyone will find this post even fairly interesting but I love nicely wrapped presents!! So I decided to show you my present wrapping, if you have really cute Christmas wrapping I would love to see it, because that's what makes me happy! I think it makes a present so much more personal and full of love if you have put a bit of effort into wrapping it up as well, that might just be me! If you love wrapping as well leave a comment so I don't feel so weird and alone in this!! 

I bought my wrapping paper from Sainsburys as soon as I saw it I fell in love and it was only £3 for 10 meters! I know it might not be very festive or Christmassy but I think it looks so cute, and I love the matching tags!

As soon as I opened this paper I was so happy! Having the lines on wrapping paper makes a huge difference! Haha seriously writing this is making me realise how sad I am. Literally everything and anything about Christmas makes me happy.

How cute does this look!! I used my handmade bows, you can see how I made them in this blogmas post. I love the green bow with the red tartan paper, I am so happy with my gift wrapping this year! I just want to buy more presents so I can wrap some more!!

I hope that this Blogmas post about wrapping paper hasn't bored you too much!!

Talk soon x

Sunday, 13 December 2015

DIY Bows

I think this has to be one of my favourite DIY projects just because they are so cute and I will 100% be putting these on all of my gifts for my family!! I hope you love these just as much as I do! Also I would love to see all of your gift wrapping, because I am sad like that and I love seeing nicely wrapped gifts!

This DIY is sooo simple, all you're going to need is;
Paper (Your choice of colour)
Marker pens
& Selotape

You will want to cute out a template that you can use to draw around, so making loads of bows will be easy, all you need are these three shapes!

I drew around my template onto my green and red paper, I used green and red pens just so that if there is some pen left on my bows it won't stand out! Cut them all out and group them up!

First of all you're going to take the piece that looks like a pair of glasses and fold the sides in half and tape them at the back together.

Lastly you will need to pop the bows on top of the ribbon shaped cut out and use the small strap to wrap around the two pieces and tape together at the back! and you're DONE! how easy is that!?!
I hope I have explained that clearly, but once you get going it will be so easy and obvious, they are so simple to make but they actually look like you've put quite a bit of effort into them and I know that it will make my wrapping look 1000 times better!! 

Talk soon x

Friday, 11 December 2015

Home-made Dog Biscuits

This is a post for all you doggy owners! I am in love with making my own Home-made biscuits for my dog, and if I shall speak on her behalf she also loves it when I make her biscuits! You can choose whatever you put into them and that means you can always add there favourite flavours and foods. I think most importantly though you know what you're feeding your dog and it is healthy! You do want to be careful though because there are certain foods that dogs can't eat, I will try and find a list of foods you should avoid or keep to a minimum!! Any way these are my biscuits and Aisha (My dog) confirms that they are amazing.

Like I said all ingredients are optional! But Cheese and Marmite are my dogs favourite and then I also added a chicken oxo cube just for extra flavor! I also decided to use Honey and Fish oil because these will help with giving her a shiny coat!! Then I used flour and water to help bind a dough together.


First of all I mixed the flour, cheese and oxo cube together and broke the cheese up into smaller pieces !


I then added the Honey, Marmite and Fish oil, I also used a knife to mix this in because it could get very messy if I used my hands!

I then added little bits of water and used my hands to combine this into a dough, carry on slowly adding bits of water until you're happy with your dough consistency.

Once you have rolled out your dough to a decided thickness, then choose a cutter to use and get stamping biscuits out! I chose this star cutter because I feel this is a good size treat for my dog.


Also don't forget to sprinkle flour all over your baking tray so that your biscuits don't stick!

Cut out as many biscuits as you can, the more you do the more your dog will love you.
Cook them in the oven for around 15 minutes, or until golden brown!

And there you have some amazing home-made doggy treats! It is very important that you leave the treats to cool completely before you feed them to your puppy, even though it can be very hard to resist when they are staring at you with puppy dog eyes!




You can also play around and test your dogs patience with all the treats!! Don't worry I didn't just make her do tricks with them she ate lots of them, probably too many but she loved them soo much! If you make any dog treats then please let me know what you create, or if you would like to see a different type of dog treat I could do that as well! 

Talk soon x