Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Christmas Gift Ideas

These are the gifts that I have bought for my family, I'm sorry that there isn't a huge range and I also have more men to shop for but I guess most the gifts are uni sex. I have put this together to hopefully help and inspire you if you're stuck with some off your Christmas Shopping!
I am also going to have to ask for Conor and my family not to read this because these are all there gifts!! 

First of all Chocolates!! They are nice and easy and you can get everyone some chocolate just as a little side gift, that's what I like to do just because everyone likes chocolate!! It also isn't very expensive so if you're on a tight budget then there is nothing wrong with buying someone there favourite treat!

This first one is for my sisters fiancé, he loves playing golf so buying him something wasn't to hard! It's nice and easy when someone has a hobby!! This is an indoor electric golf putting machine and I know he will love this! My sister however maybe not so much!

This one is for my Dad he loves any kind of puzzle/challenge so when I saw these I knew they would be prefect for him! They are a great little toy gift and there are so many different types that I'm sure you could find one that would suit you best!

This would be perfect for anyone really, who doesn't love a tiny drone?? I think it's a great little gift for someone to have a little play around with, and everyone at Christmas can join in and have a laugh when nan crashes it into the tv.

This one hurts my heart a little bit! I have wanted a gift set like this from benefit for absolutely ages!! But I love my sister enough to buy it and not keep it for myself! These gift sets are AMAZING for anyone you may know who is into make-up I know that if I received this I would probably cry! 

My mum is a complete candle addict! We have hundreds and hundreds of candles all around the house, mum will pop out for a loaf of bread and come home with 10 candles... But I love candles too so it isn't a problem, just a bit of a fire hazard! Mum also loves her melts and I think they are a great present because sometimes Yankee Candle can be a little bit expensive, and you can't justify buying them for yourself! But if someone gifts them to you then it's okay!! 

Lastly but not least!! If you have any pets then don't forget them this Christmas, we always get Aisha presents and treats! She is part of the family and we like her to join in the festive fun, I bought this huge treat for just £4 which I think is a pretty reasonable price! (I can put the price up for this because she won't ever read it) This will probably be gone by Boxing Day but I know she will love it!

I hope I helped with inspiring you for your Christmas shopping! I think one of my favourite parts of Christmas is buying  everyone gifts because I get so excited knowing how much they will love them!

Talk soon x

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