Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Gift Wrapping Ideas

OMG it is getting so close to Christmas and I'm sooo blimin excited!! Now I managed to finish my Christmas shopping and wrapping in November which makes me so proud. I don't know if anyone will find this post even fairly interesting but I love nicely wrapped presents!! So I decided to show you my present wrapping, if you have really cute Christmas wrapping I would love to see it, because that's what makes me happy! I think it makes a present so much more personal and full of love if you have put a bit of effort into wrapping it up as well, that might just be me! If you love wrapping as well leave a comment so I don't feel so weird and alone in this!! 

I bought my wrapping paper from Sainsburys as soon as I saw it I fell in love and it was only £3 for 10 meters! I know it might not be very festive or Christmassy but I think it looks so cute, and I love the matching tags!

As soon as I opened this paper I was so happy! Having the lines on wrapping paper makes a huge difference! Haha seriously writing this is making me realise how sad I am. Literally everything and anything about Christmas makes me happy.

How cute does this look!! I used my handmade bows, you can see how I made them in this blogmas post. I love the green bow with the red tartan paper, I am so happy with my gift wrapping this year! I just want to buy more presents so I can wrap some more!!

I hope that this Blogmas post about wrapping paper hasn't bored you too much!!

Talk soon x

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