Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Holiday Essentials

I am going away in one week!! AHHH Super excited!! I will be going to Tunisia for 12 days, this holiday is so needed when life gets just a bit to stressful some relaxing time away is what is needed. I am going to try and Blog while out there but I have no idea what the internet at our hotel will be like, however when I get home I will definitely be sure to share my holiday pics with you guys!

So anyway lets get to the point of this blog, My holiday essentials...

First of all the most important thing is Sun protection! If you are going somewhere hot this is an essential, you don't want to burn on your holiday because that will ruin your whole trip. Depending on your skin and how it deals with the wonderful sun you need to decide what factor to go for, I am going away with my boyfriend and he has never been on holiday before apart from skiing so we have got spf 50 for him to start off the holiday with, I know that so many people don't want to use a high factor because they want to tan but as we have done you can get lower factors as well and slowly ease your skin into getting use to the sun and lowering the factor each day and gradually build up that tan. You DO NOT want to get Sun stroke or Burn you will have to stay inside for the rest of your holiday and no one wants that!
A good Sun protection for me is Reimann P20.

Next would be plenty of bikinis/swim wear on holiday you will probably be wearing this most of the time and you don't want to feel like you are wearing the same thing all the time, so invest in so new pretty swim wear, I know it can get expensive when you buy a whole bulk of swim wear but it doesn't have to be. Here are a few of mine hopefully they can help with finding some lovely swim wear of your own and at a good price.

This bikini is from New Look:
Top - £3.99
Bottoms - £3.99

I love this simple triangle style bikini and the one block colour, sometimes less is more, and for £7.98 for the set is a bargain if you ask me. I always like to have the matching sets but I know some people like to mix and match their tops and bottoms if you do this then pop over to New Look and check out their sale rail because they have loads of odd tops and bottoms for a real cheap price.

This bikini is from TKMax:
Set - £9.99

What I like most about this one is the pop of colour and the clash of pink and orange, also the shape of this bikini is a good one for tanning you shouldn't get too many odd tan lines (this is a big thing for me when purchasing bikinis).

This bikini is from Primark:
Top - £6
Bottoms - £4

£10 for this set is a reasonable price I feel its a lovely bright and funky bikini and has some cool strap business going on in the middle of the top and on the sides of the bottoms. Good old Primark!

This bikini is from Primark:
Top - £8
Bottoms - £4

This bikini is a fraction more expensive at £12 for the set but I absolutely fell in love with the colours and the detailing in this bikini so I just couldn't resist! Primark have got so many gorgeous bikinis in at the moment I would definitely go in and take a wonder.
However take note guys that although Primark is "The cheap place to shop"  the bikinis I had purchased from primark were actually more pricy than the ones from New Look and TKMax so it's good to look around.

This bikini is from Victoria Sectrets:
Top - £45
Bottoms - £30

I know I KNOW!! I said I would show you some reasonably prices bikinis and with this set totaling up to a WHOOPING £75 it is far from reasonable, however, you are aloud to treat yourself every now and then and this bikini is BEAUTIFUL so I had to purchase it, but all my other bikinis are very pretty and summery and it goes to show that you don't necessarily need to spluge to get yourself some nice swim wear. (But this is perfect and if you are able to spent a bit of money on some swim wear I would recommend VS because they do have a wonderful range).

Next essential guys in Sunglasses, got to protect those lovely little eyes.
I have only purchased two pairs of sunglasses at the moment and will probably invest in another pair or two but these are so cute and seriously cheap sun glasses...

These little cuties are from Primarni for £1 each YES £1 EACH, they are cute and colorful and they protect your eyes and thats all you need!
I no longer really spend very much on sunglasses, maybe it's just my bad luck but I have in the past 2-3 years bought 2 pairs of River island glasses, 3 pairs of Lipsy London glasses and 1 pair of Ray Bans and all of them have broken!! Not a single pair lasted more than one summer, so I have come to the conclusion that buying expensive sunnys is a waste of money I would much rather break a £1 pair of glasses.

Next on the list of essentials is sandals/flip flops, I have bought many many sandals for my holiday so I am just going to show you two of my cheapest pairs (Guess what?! They are from primark!)

I think the sandals are gorgeous, and I can not remember the exact price for each pair but sandals from primark are normally around £4-£8 which is pretty cheap. The ones on the left side are a lovely teal/green and I think this colour is a perfect summer colour I also fell in love with the rose gold details and the rose gold around the toes, I always scuff the front of my sandals, you know when you do that little trip, so I thought that this was a brilliant design. The ones on the right side are just beautiful I had a pair like these last summer and wore them constantly so I had to repurchase them this year (one thing is I could get funny tan lines on my feet with these).

Next up is my holiday clothing essentials whoo, I have tried to include one of each type of item I would be taking abroad with me, and most of them are reasonably prices nothing to expensive this time I promise!

 Playsuits are a must have for me when I go on holiday, they are nice and easy to just throw on over the top of your bikini and if you are in a hot country they are nice and thin so you can keep cool. 
I bought all of these from I bought these back at the end of last summer which is a brilliant time to purchase summer stuff because they will normally be on sale and these were all £4-£5 each which is a bargain.

They are all such beautiful summery colours and patterns, and play suits are perfect for the beach or for a meal out in the evening.

My next item of clothing is this dress which I got from Primark for £10, this is such a good price for such a beautiful dress, it is quiet clingy and really shows off your figure but it is a silky type of material and isn't too tight so this will be perfect in the heat. I have also worn this dress to a family party and got a few compliments on how pretty it was and my cousin is also planning on going to purchase it herself so this was a good buy if I do say so myself.

TASSELS!! haha as you might be able to tell from my excitement I love tassels at the moment they are fun, look great and they are quiet big in the fashion industry this spring/summer.
To the left - This kimono is a perfect item of clothing for a hot holiday, it is a gorgeous throw on and when you are maybe going to be walking about for a long time in the sun it can get pretty hot and just throwing something like this on can get the sun directly off your skin but you're not wrapped up. £15 New Look
To the right - Crochet is another huge thing in fashion at the moment and I love it, you can stay nice and cool because it has holes all over it, isn't to heavy to wear and it just looks great! £10 Primark

I purchased these from Dorothy Perkins for £25 these trousers are very popular this summer they are great for the cooler days but you still want to look summery. You can dress this up for a night out or for a nice meal out or you can dress them down for a casual comfy day. Perfect!

I spent ages trying to find a pair of these trousers that suited me, I looked in several shops and tried on so many pairs but none of them hung right on me or the pattern wasn't to my liking but I love the floral pattern on these its not to much and is easy to match with some pink tops and they hang just how I want them to, lose but still almost fitted so they don't just drown me.

Last but no means the least a skort, these wonderful creations! Who remembers having these as a child!? And I couldn't be happier that they have been bought back, they look beautiful and they are super comfy you don't have to worry about flashing your knickers obyr your bum because they are shorts which just means you can relax and look good all at the same time!
I absolutely love the flowers on these they are all bright and beautiful and scream summer to me! I bought these from New Look on sale for £8 but I have no idea what the original price of them is.

Next and last holiday essential for me is some good books, I will never go on holiday without a book they are good to have for the plane journey and just to relax by the pool or on the beach and read a book to me is just perfect. So here are a few of my favorite books at the moment...

Looking for Alaska - John Green
Will Grayson, Will Grayson - John Green
Paper Towns - John Green
The Fault In Our Stars - John Green
If I Stay - Gayle Forman
Where she went - Gayle Forman
Girl Online - Zoe Sugg
The pointless book - Alfie Deyes
The pointless book 2 - Alfie Deyes

Yeah as you may be able to tell I'm a huge John Green fan!

This has been a really fun blog to write, I know it has been a very long blog but I wanted to try and include something that everyone would find an interest in. I hope this has helped you in some way maybe with what shops are best to go to for holiday clothing or even just some good books to read this summer. Why don't you guys leave a comment letting me know what your holiday essentials are!!

Talk soon x

Monday, 20 April 2015


My OOTD, I wore this to a family party celebrating my sister and her fiance getting a new home and my sister's 22nd birthday! Hope you enjoy...
Pink vest - HnM £4.99
Disco pants - New Look £18
Leather jacket - Miss Selfridge £54.99
Chelsea boots - £25

My FOTD, I wanted to keep my make-up quiet simplistic so I went for neutral shades for my eyes and lips. Enjoy!

Benefit The POREfessional PRO balm
Concealer - Maybelline Super 24hr stay
Foundation - Rimmel Stay matte mousse
Powder - Collection Sheer loose powder 

Eyeshadow - Maybelline Colour tattoo, Creamy beige 98
Naked palette, (inner corner) Virgin, (outer corner & crease) Hustle
Liquid eyeliner -Maybelline Master precise
Mascara - Maybelline Lash sensatinal

Rimmel Provocalips, Dare to pink

Real Techniques - Essential foundation brush
Stippling brush
Multi task brush
Domed shadow brush

Talk soon x

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

5 products I couldn't live without

WOW I did not realise how hard this would be, getting my favourite products down to 5 was not easy. Although I could probably live without these products, I just chose my favourite products that I have constantly repurchased and loved.

1. Urban Decay Naked palette - This eye shadow palette is my 'go to' for eye shadows! I love the neutral colour scheme in this palette, most of the shades have shimmer in them which I love (can never go wrong with a bit of glitter) it also has a few matte shades which helps complete a smokey eye look. All the colors are perfectly pigmented so you only need to use small amounts which makes this palette last quiet a long time. I have absolutely loved creating so many different eye make up looks from this palette and would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone.

2. Lush BB Seaweed fresh face mask - Lush is one of my favorite shops and I basically love all of their products! This face mask does stand out from the rest for me though. If you go into lush to purchase a face mask I advice you try them all out on your skin they have many different face masks for all different skin types, oily, dry and sensitive ect. So take a ponder and find which one is best for your skin, I am always left with such soft, clean skin after using a Lush face mask.

3. Maybelline New York Master precise liquid eyeliner - I struggle with eyeliner all the time, its a constant stress of making sure I get that perfect flick and then even when I do I will NEVER get the other eye to match!! However with this liquid eyeliner it has become a lot less stressful, it has a perfect ultra fine felt tip brush which helps me hugely when it comes to applying and the product its self come out smooth and black so there is no need to try and go over it to fill in missed areas.

4. Simple Purifying cleansing lotion - Now Simple is my holy grail when it comes to face care it perfect for sensitive skin and is by far the best brand I have ever used myself. The thing I love most about this product is that not only does it moisturize your skin but it cleans your face as well and I am always left feeling so soft. There is nothing worse then cleaning your face but still having that feeling that your pores are still blocked with nasty stuff! (resulting in black heads which no one wants!) This moistures helps with preventing black heads, I use this morning and night and get amazing results.

5. imPRESS manicure - I am a sucker for stick on nails, I am not a fan of getting acrylics because of how much they can ruin your nails I also don't really like the fuss of the glue on nails, all that mess you get into and that glue ends up all over your fingers (No thank you). That is why these nails are my favourite they won't damage your nails and they are SOOO easy to apply, you just peel of the back plastic and push the nail down onto yours simple!! They stay on my nails for just over a week normally and they are also easy removal so if a few start falling off you can just peel the rest off instead of having odd looking nails.

This has been very fun sharing with you my favourite products that I couldn't live without! I would love to see what your favorite products are so that maybe I could try them out so I tag everyone reading this go ahead and see if you can choose just 5 products!!

Talk soon x

Monday, 13 April 2015

Rimmel London - Provocalips Review.

I have seen and heard so many people raving about the Rimmel London Provocalips lately so I decided to try it for myself and let you guys know my thoughts on the product.

So first off I had to go out and purchase the product, I paid £6.99 which I feel is very reasonably priced and affordable, I picked mine up from a local Superdrug store, however this can be found in many other drug stores e.g Boots. 
I had decided to go with quiet a natural colour and this is in the shade 110 Dare to pink. 

I had very high expectations for this product, some of the unique selling points this has is that the lip colour will last for 16 hours! Now this is a long time and we all know make up brands say there products will last for hours and hours, but as soon as we eat or drink or just lick our lips the product is gone, But this product says its 'kiss proof' and this is what got my attention.

 This is what the lip gloss/stain/stick (I don't know what to call it!?) looks like.
You apply the product in two stages, first of all you put on the colour you need to be really precise because once the product is on it will NOT smudge.

One you have carefully applied the colour you need to leave it to set for about 1-2 minutes and it should feel really sticky.
You then apply the lock and shine side, this then
locks in the colour and gives you that desired glossy appearance.

I then put this 'Kiss proof' to the test, I kissed the back of my hand several times and even wiped my lips with my hand and the products stayed all in place didn't smudge at all and absolutely no colour came of my lips and onto my hand at all!

I have to say I am amazed by this product and I am totally in love, I can't express how excited I am about this!?! Do you know how long I have waited for a lip product that will last the day so I can just get on with my day, eat, drink and kiss without the fuss of reapplying. 
Its safe to say I will definitely be purchasing the other shades available in this collection this is officially my holy grail of all lip products.

Talk soon x