Friday, 28 August 2015

August Favourites

OMG!!! How am I writing my August favourites already!! Seriously how have 8 months already gone?! 2015 is flying by I swear each time I blink an entire month goes past.
I hope that you enjoy seeing what my favourites of August have been and its now September that means loads of you will be going back to School/College/Uni and I hope you all settle in nicely and try to enjoy this year of education!!

Anyway lets get into my favourites of this month!!

(I have stupidly lost the picture of my models own nail varnish! I feel like a terrible blogger) The models own nail varnish is from the Icing collection in the shade Nude icing and I have been absolutely loving it, it's a nice neutral colour and i feel it's a nice colour to transition from Summer to Autum.

Of course I had to include my first ever Mac lipstick Velvet Teddy and my first ever Mac lip pencil Boldly Bare, I am in love with these two as a duo and I am also hooked on to Mac lipsticks and want all of them! If only I had the budget for that!!

Okay so this an odd one I know, but my parents went to Egypt in August so I was home alone for 11 days, and almost every day I used this cook book!! It is one my mum has had for years! Hers is falling apart so I decided I loved it so much that I needed one of my own! 

I thought it would only be right to share with you what my favourite recipe from the book is and it has to be pancakes! I love pancakes if I could survive on them I would eat them non stop!!!

My hand food cream from soap and glory is my go to hand cream every day! I keep it in my hand bag and I LOVE it, it's so hydrating and makes my hands so soft. One thing I think that makes this cream stand out is I don't feel like I have sticky wet hands afterwards, you know that horrible feeling you get from some moisturies?! Yeah I don't get that from this so its a definite favourite of mine!

Okay in the month August Zoe Sugg aka Zoella bought out her new product range! I was quite excited and my favourite products from the range would have to be the Body Scrub the moisturiser! These two together make my legs feel AMAZING! I would honestly recommend trying out the Zoella Beauty range, even if you don't really have an interest in her I guarantee you will love her products!

Last beauty related favourite, I have my Naked palette, although I love my Naked palette that's not what I am putting in my favourites technically, I am talking about Half Baked the gold shimmer shadow in the centre of this palette. I have used this shadow for basically every make-up look this month! I love love love gold shimmer shadows at the moment and this is my favourite!

I couldn't not include this! I have been watching Pretty Little Liars for 5 years now and the biggest question has been Answered! Who is A?? Spoiler alert!!! Cece?!?!? The plot twist on it was amazing I really enjoyed the episode but I don't know how I feel about it being Cece, I don't feel like she is a sinister and angry enough person to have fulfilled my expectations of what A has done over this huge period of time! However I just want an explanation of every single event, to show how she did it and why! Brilliant plot twist and I can't wait to carry on watching and find out more, I would advice watching it, I know I've just told you who A is but there is so much more behind it so its still worth watching, Cece is just a name I don't feel like it ruins the series! But yes PLL is by far my faourite series on Netflix.

I hope you have enjoyed my August favourites, let me know what your favourites have been this month so I can try them out for myself!

Talk soon x

Friday, 21 August 2015

Simple skin care routine

So I thought I would share with you my skin care routine, maybe some of you have an interest in how I take care of my skin on a day to day basis, if so then this is the perfect post for you!
I also would like to admit that I have called this a Simple skin care routine and I am aware that I've included two products that are not from simple, however most of my stuff is from simple so I felt the name was appropriate. Anyway lets just get on in to it!

So first of all I start of with my facial skin care in the shower, to begins with I will use my Simple - spotless skin blackhead eliminating face scrub. I love this face scrub because it isn't to harsh on my skin and we should all be gentle with our faces! This helps cleaning out any dirt in my pores and getting rid of dead/dry skin. I then use my Sanctuary Spa - fresh-faced purifying wash. This is a lovely silky face wash that just helps really cleanse my face, I just apply a small amount in my hands lather it up and rub all over my face, then I just rinse it away. That is all I use on my face in the shower, so now let's move on to what I use before I get into bed!

First of all I will use my Clearskin - blackhead clearing daily astringent. I swear by this stuff, I order it from my Avon catalogue and I have repurchased this God knows how many times for a good few years! This helps remove any make up left on my skin and clears out my pores.This stuff does sting a little when I put it on so if you have sensitive skin I wouldn't advice it because it is quite harsh but it does the job really well and if I don't use it I can really tell the difference.

I will use the Simple - Eye make-up remover if I have any mascara or eye make-up left on because I obviously can not use the daily astringent on my eyes!! This make-up remover is amazing I haven't yet found any mascara that this cannot remove, it also doesn't irritate my eyes at all. I will then use my Simple - Soothing facial toner. I apply a generous amount to a cotton pad and just rub this in circles all around my face, this just helps even out my skin if I have any red patches this helps bring that down and even out the skin tone.

Lastly I will use a moisturiser, I have two different ones that I will use depending on what I have used on my face that day. Firstly I have the Simple - Hydrating light moisturiser. This one I will use on a day that I haven't worn any make-up and I will also use it in the mornings. I absolutely love this moisturiser it keeps my skin so soft and it doesn't feel thick or sticky after it has dried. I then also have the Simple - Purifying cleansing lotion. I will use this before bed if I have worn make-up that day, this one still hydrates my skin maybe just not as much but it also helps with clearing off any left over make-up or dirt and again it dries nicely.

Finally I have my Simple - Rapid action spot zapper. I do not use this on a day to day basis but I still include it in my skin care routine because if I have any spots then I will use this bad boy to help bring them down and ZAP them away! It's an amazing spot treatment and almost always works on my spots! Defiantly give this a go if you get the odd nasty spot.

I hope you have enjoyed having an insight to the life of my skin! As you can tell I'm a huge Simple fan! Leave comments and let me know what brands you love and cannot bring yourself away from!

Talk soon x

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Poppys Pesto

I have always loved pesto but I had never thought of making it from scratch myself! Until I saw Poppy Deyes do a blog post on it, instantly I went out and got the ingredients because I couldn't wait to try it for myself. I used the same recipe as Poppy you can see her post here.

Anyway lets get straight in to this DIY cooking!  

First of all you're going to need:

 A bag of Basil (About 2 handfuls)
A generous handful of pine nuts
One and a half tablespoons of olive oil
Juice of half a lemon (No seeds!)
A small handful of grated parmesan cheese
A heaped teaspoon of fresh garlic (Or more/less depending on how much you love garlic) 
A pinch of sea salt and pepper

Now this is how easy making Pesto is, you're just going to throw all of that into a blender and mix it all up for a minute or so depending of what texture you want your Pesto to be! Simple as that.
If you want your Pesto to be a bit thicker you can use less olive oil or not blend it as much and if you like it quite smooth then add more oil and blend it for longer. 
All that's left to do now is transfer it into a pot/container and its ready to be used, I am going to be making a lovely Pesto Pasta with mine! YUMMY!!

I hope you have enjoyed this fun little DIY cooking post! If you have enjoyed this and you want to see more posts like this then let me know in the comments. I had so much fun making this and using it in my pasta, everyone loved it and I just felt amazing because I had made it from scratch and it is sooo easy, definitely worth trying it out yourself.

Talk soon x

Friday, 14 August 2015

First ever Mac lipstick

AHHHHHH!! I can not contain my excitement!!!!!! I bought my first ever Mac lipstick, I am now able to say that I am a proud owner of a Mac lipstick. I am obsessed and I already want to buy myself more. I know a lot of you will understand my excitement and love for this so please enjoy some pictures of the beautiful product...

I felt I had to get Velvet Teddy as my first Mac lipstick because it is a lovely natural nude so I will get a lot of wear out of it, and I knew it was one I would love. I literally use this for every make-up look at the moment! I hope I am able to buy myself some more in the near future because I am completely in love, my make-up has not been complete without one of these babies. What shade should I get next? Leave a comment with your favorite Mac lipstick!

Talk soon x

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

What's in my Make-up bag?

This is my make-up bag, from the wonderful Zoella beauty range! This is from her first collection and I love the size of her make-up bags they are literally PERFECT!

First of all I have the Rimmel London - lasting finish 25 hour nude foundation! I have done a whole blog post on a review of this foundation so I would babble on about this one you can check out this post to find out about it!

Then of course I have a pressed powder, This is the Collection - lasting perfection ultimate wear powder. The main reason I decided to try this power out is because I am obsessed with the concealer from this collection, I usually have the Rimmel stay matte pressed powder, I still love that powder and will probably repurchase it but this powder does work well for me as well so I think I like both and there is nothing wrong with that.

I also picked up the Collection - Sheer loose powder. I have never used a loose powder before and I think I prefer a pressed powder however on a oily skinned day I would reach for this.

Next we have my highlighter this is the Makeup academy - Undress your skin shimmer highlighter, in the shade Iridescent gold. The main reason I picked this up was because of the gorgeous pattern of the powder! I am so careful when using this because I really don't want to ruin the design.

This is my powder that is way to dark for me eeekk! As you can probably very clearly see. I got this powder from the Avon catalogue and it is the Colour trend - pressed powder in Translucent tan, well I soon found it wasn't very translucent but very much tan! So I decided not to waste it and I now use it as a contour.

Now all hail the most amazing concealer! That would be the Collection - Lasting perfection, OMG no words can explain my love for this product, it is by far the best concealer ever and I have tried other concealers (The maybelline super stay 24 hour in the picture as well) but nothing seems to match it! As for the other concealer in this image it is to dark for me and that was their lightest shade and it doesn't even give me good coverage, no idea why its in my make-up bag to be honest!?

The Porefessional pro balm primer from Benefit is absolutely brilliant, it is a little more on the pricy side but well worth it because this make my skin look amazing and keeps my make-up on all day, I will reach for this almost every time I am doing a full face of make-up.

Mascaras!! I love a good mascara and the Maybelline - lash sensational, lash multiplying mascara has become a new favorite of mine, It really picks up all your lashes and lengthens them. I get so many compliments whenever I use this! Next is the BarryM - Intense black mascara, I never normally use BarryM cosmetics but I got this one in a goody bag I had bought from The clothes show live last year and it is really good for an everyday look, just blackens my eyelashes and keeps them looking natural.

So I have two eyeliner in my make-up bag! The one I use the most is my Maybelline - Master precise liquid eyeliner, I have raved about this on my monthly favourites so definitely check that out and see what I have to say about it! But I use this eyeliner for a lovely cat flick look and just a good liner! I then have my Avon - glimmer stick in the shade blackest black, I use this on my water line when I am going for a more dramatic look, maybe for when I'm going out. Love them both though!

Next for my eyes I have the wonderful Colour tattoo in the shade Creamy beige this is my simple easy go to eye product! I just use my finger and run this all over my lid! It looks like I've spent ages on my eyes and I probably haven't even spent a minute on them! Also LOVE this shade!!

Lastly for the eye products, I have my Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion, this is the small version that I got with my Naked palette! Love this and I will defiantly be buying the full sized version because this is finished and that makes me sad!! Then I have Natural Collection - Shimmer shadow, I have had this for absolutely years but I found it and decided that I would keep it. I use this for the inner corners of my eyes, it is an amazing highlighter for my eyes and under my brow bone!

I am not going to chat about this one for very long, my first ever blog post was a review on this lip stain click here to read it! This is the most amazing lip product ever, and I love this shade it is a nice pinky nude so I can wear it everyday!

This lipstick is form Avon in the shade pink prance, this lipstick is a lovely shimmery pink, it is quite pigmented so I don't tent to wear it on a day to day basis but I love it for when I am getting all dressed up! 

This is the Maybelline - Colour sensational in the shade Peach poppy 418. This is more of a sheer lip butter, it looks really orange in real life (I couldn't get the picture to show the actual colour, having a pink background probably didn't help) but when it is on your lips you just get a tint of colour. I also love the packaging of this!!

The last few things that were in my make-up bag! first of all my Body shop - hemp hand protector, hand moisturizer. This one is for very dry skin, I don't personally suffer with very dry skin but this hand cream is amazing! I then have the Body shop nail file, just in case my nails need some love. I also have a hair band because it is always good to have a hair band at reach when doing your make-up. Last but not least a pair of tweezers every make-up bag needs some tweezers.

I hope you have enjoyed this post leave comments with what you make-up essentials are, I would love to try some new stuff out.

Talk soon x 

Friday, 7 August 2015

Foundation Review - Rimmel London Lasting finish

Rimmel London, Lasting finish 25 hour nude foundation.
I have decided to do a review on this product because I love finding drugstore/high street foundations that are good quality because they are nice and cheap and easy to pick up!

I do love this foundation, this product was in my July Favourites you can click the link and see what else was in my favorites this month!

What I like most about this foundation is its coverage, it is a medium coverage and this works perfectly with my skin. Sometimes it can be quite hard to find a foundation that looks good with my skin because of my freckles, a lot of high coverage foundations do not completely cover my freckles so it then ends up looking like I have caked thick foundation on my face! (Not good) I have managed to find one or two foundations that do completely cover my freckles which I love for going out but not for day to day use.

This is where the struggle comes in, I do not like many BB creams or light coverage foundations because I don't feel like they do enough! So I search for the perfect medium coverage that doesn't cover my freckles but still gives me a smooth complexion. This foundation seems to do that for me, obviously everyone is different so maybe this product won't be for you but I would say give it a go!
Here is what the foundation looks like on, I have applied the foundation and that is all, so I may look a bit bare faced but I wanted you to see what the products shows like on its own.

I hope you have enjoyed this review let me know if you would like any more like this, and leave comments with your favorite foundations at the moment I would love to try them myself.

Talk soon x

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Top 5 tuesday - Favourite books

First of all before you read this I want you to know that there are no spoiler alerts! I have tried to keep the story telling to a minimum I mention a few characters and basic story lines but nothing about ending or scenes, I wouldn't want to tell you to much on here because then you wouldn't go away and read them!

All these books are my personal choice, they are my favorites at the moment and they are books I highly recommend however they will not be for everyone, that is obvious because everyone is interested in different genres or just may not enjoy a particular book. I will be doing some more book reviews on a huge range of books because I do actually read a vary of genres and authors, most of these are romantic novels but they all have their own ways of portraying Love and how it effects people, what problems and fun can come with loving someone. I believe all these books are pretty different despite them all being based around a love interest so if one isn't to your liking doesn't mean you won't enjoy one of the others.

The fault in our stars - John Green

Okay so I'm sure a lot of you have read this book or at least seen the movie!! But I still have to express my love for it, I am so in love with this book that I finished it the day I started reading it, I could not put it down! It's a brilliant love story that is guaranteed to bring you to tears. There are some amazing quotes in this book, I will give you a few of my favourites, "I'm a grenade and at some point I'm going to blow up and I would like to minimise the casualties" "I'm on a roller coaster that only goes up my friends" and last one "my thoughts are stars I can not fathom into constellations" sorry if they are not perfect that's off the top of my head. This book is beyond amazing it's by far my favourite of all time and I would advice any one to watch it! I also think the movie is brilliant I've only watched it like 1000 time and know every word off by heart haha but defiantly check out the movie if you enjoy the book.

The hunger games - 

Okay so I know this technically counts as three books but I enjoyed the whole collection so I thought I would just put them together because you do kind of need to read all three anyway! I am not a huge Hunger games fan but I did really enjoy the movies so I thought I would give the books a go, I must say the books are a lot better than the movies, they go into more detail and quite a few big BIG parts of the books are missing in the movies, which is the case with a lot of movies made from books. Again I'm sure everyone knows what The Hunger games is about but if not then it is based around love but the main focus is the actual hunger games which is basically a fight and kill till you're the last one standing. There is a lot of drama and death in these books and an absolute amazing read, if you like the movies defiantly read the books because they are way better.

Girl Online - Zoe Sugg

So Girl Online, as you can tell from the title and the Author Zoe Sugg this is my kind of book, I love Zoe and I can relate to the blogging, cause I do love my blog! I feel like Zoe has kind of taken some of her life experiences and just added a bit of extra jazz, a young girl who lives two lives almost, one in the real world and the second online. Her blog is a secret which I can also relate to because I haven't told anyone -_- haha but she goes to America falls in love and has a few adventures it's a fun easy read I think, purely because it's easy to relate and that makes it really easy to get into the book and read it while relaxing! And I would get in there and read this book because the second one is coming out soon and I cannot wait to find out what happens next!!

If I stay - 

Yes again another sad love story! If I stay is about a young couple, the girl and her family have a tragic car accident (don't worry that not a spoiler!!) at the beginning and the whole book is based over the 24 hours after the accident, so each chapter is certain hours and it slowly unfolds how critical everyone is and the young girl has an out of body experience so is able to whiteness how her family, friends and boyfriend are reacting. I feel like I've said enough now! I don't want to ruin it. This is a book that will have you on the edge of you're seat biting your nails till the very last word!! There is also a movie of If I stay and it's a heart warming brilliant film that captures the book perfectly! 

Paper towns - John Green

Another John Green book! He is probably one of my favourite authors he has an amazing talent for writing and I haven't found a book of his that I don't like yet so really I would advice any of his books! Paper towns is a huge adventure, lots of fun and drsma. There is a hint of love in there but mostly just funny pranks, sneaky adventures and - good laugh. There is a movie coming out for this as well in fact if I'm correct it is out now and I am quite excited to see it, if its anything like the book I think it will be well hell of a movie.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, and I have inspired you with some good summer reads! Leave some comments of your favourite books so that I can check them out.

Talk soon x