Friday, 28 August 2015

August Favourites

OMG!!! How am I writing my August favourites already!! Seriously how have 8 months already gone?! 2015 is flying by I swear each time I blink an entire month goes past.
I hope that you enjoy seeing what my favourites of August have been and its now September that means loads of you will be going back to School/College/Uni and I hope you all settle in nicely and try to enjoy this year of education!!

Anyway lets get into my favourites of this month!!

(I have stupidly lost the picture of my models own nail varnish! I feel like a terrible blogger) The models own nail varnish is from the Icing collection in the shade Nude icing and I have been absolutely loving it, it's a nice neutral colour and i feel it's a nice colour to transition from Summer to Autum.

Of course I had to include my first ever Mac lipstick Velvet Teddy and my first ever Mac lip pencil Boldly Bare, I am in love with these two as a duo and I am also hooked on to Mac lipsticks and want all of them! If only I had the budget for that!!

Okay so this an odd one I know, but my parents went to Egypt in August so I was home alone for 11 days, and almost every day I used this cook book!! It is one my mum has had for years! Hers is falling apart so I decided I loved it so much that I needed one of my own! 

I thought it would only be right to share with you what my favourite recipe from the book is and it has to be pancakes! I love pancakes if I could survive on them I would eat them non stop!!!

My hand food cream from soap and glory is my go to hand cream every day! I keep it in my hand bag and I LOVE it, it's so hydrating and makes my hands so soft. One thing I think that makes this cream stand out is I don't feel like I have sticky wet hands afterwards, you know that horrible feeling you get from some moisturies?! Yeah I don't get that from this so its a definite favourite of mine!

Okay in the month August Zoe Sugg aka Zoella bought out her new product range! I was quite excited and my favourite products from the range would have to be the Body Scrub the moisturiser! These two together make my legs feel AMAZING! I would honestly recommend trying out the Zoella Beauty range, even if you don't really have an interest in her I guarantee you will love her products!

Last beauty related favourite, I have my Naked palette, although I love my Naked palette that's not what I am putting in my favourites technically, I am talking about Half Baked the gold shimmer shadow in the centre of this palette. I have used this shadow for basically every make-up look this month! I love love love gold shimmer shadows at the moment and this is my favourite!

I couldn't not include this! I have been watching Pretty Little Liars for 5 years now and the biggest question has been Answered! Who is A?? Spoiler alert!!! Cece?!?!? The plot twist on it was amazing I really enjoyed the episode but I don't know how I feel about it being Cece, I don't feel like she is a sinister and angry enough person to have fulfilled my expectations of what A has done over this huge period of time! However I just want an explanation of every single event, to show how she did it and why! Brilliant plot twist and I can't wait to carry on watching and find out more, I would advice watching it, I know I've just told you who A is but there is so much more behind it so its still worth watching, Cece is just a name I don't feel like it ruins the series! But yes PLL is by far my faourite series on Netflix.

I hope you have enjoyed my August favourites, let me know what your favourites have been this month so I can try them out for myself!

Talk soon x

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