Friday, 21 August 2015

Simple skin care routine

So I thought I would share with you my skin care routine, maybe some of you have an interest in how I take care of my skin on a day to day basis, if so then this is the perfect post for you!
I also would like to admit that I have called this a Simple skin care routine and I am aware that I've included two products that are not from simple, however most of my stuff is from simple so I felt the name was appropriate. Anyway lets just get on in to it!

So first of all I start of with my facial skin care in the shower, to begins with I will use my Simple - spotless skin blackhead eliminating face scrub. I love this face scrub because it isn't to harsh on my skin and we should all be gentle with our faces! This helps cleaning out any dirt in my pores and getting rid of dead/dry skin. I then use my Sanctuary Spa - fresh-faced purifying wash. This is a lovely silky face wash that just helps really cleanse my face, I just apply a small amount in my hands lather it up and rub all over my face, then I just rinse it away. That is all I use on my face in the shower, so now let's move on to what I use before I get into bed!

First of all I will use my Clearskin - blackhead clearing daily astringent. I swear by this stuff, I order it from my Avon catalogue and I have repurchased this God knows how many times for a good few years! This helps remove any make up left on my skin and clears out my pores.This stuff does sting a little when I put it on so if you have sensitive skin I wouldn't advice it because it is quite harsh but it does the job really well and if I don't use it I can really tell the difference.

I will use the Simple - Eye make-up remover if I have any mascara or eye make-up left on because I obviously can not use the daily astringent on my eyes!! This make-up remover is amazing I haven't yet found any mascara that this cannot remove, it also doesn't irritate my eyes at all. I will then use my Simple - Soothing facial toner. I apply a generous amount to a cotton pad and just rub this in circles all around my face, this just helps even out my skin if I have any red patches this helps bring that down and even out the skin tone.

Lastly I will use a moisturiser, I have two different ones that I will use depending on what I have used on my face that day. Firstly I have the Simple - Hydrating light moisturiser. This one I will use on a day that I haven't worn any make-up and I will also use it in the mornings. I absolutely love this moisturiser it keeps my skin so soft and it doesn't feel thick or sticky after it has dried. I then also have the Simple - Purifying cleansing lotion. I will use this before bed if I have worn make-up that day, this one still hydrates my skin maybe just not as much but it also helps with clearing off any left over make-up or dirt and again it dries nicely.

Finally I have my Simple - Rapid action spot zapper. I do not use this on a day to day basis but I still include it in my skin care routine because if I have any spots then I will use this bad boy to help bring them down and ZAP them away! It's an amazing spot treatment and almost always works on my spots! Defiantly give this a go if you get the odd nasty spot.

I hope you have enjoyed having an insight to the life of my skin! As you can tell I'm a huge Simple fan! Leave comments and let me know what brands you love and cannot bring yourself away from!

Talk soon x

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