Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Make-Up Revolution competition prize

Words can not explain my excitement I literally can feel my heart pounding, as soon as I saw the package I was like a kid on Christmas morning, and then I opened the box and couldn't believe what I saw! Let me just quickly explain because for those of you who don't follow my social media you'll have no idea what I am on about, I won a completion from Make-up Revolution and it was a prize bag of a £100 worth of make-up. I know £100 is a lot but I also know that make-up is expensive so I guess I just wasn't prepared to receive sooo many products, it has made me realise that Revolutions products are reasonable priced! Anyway lets get into why you are all here and that is to see what products I had received in my prize box.

Eyeshadow palettes!

Redemption Palette - Iconic Elements £4

Redemption Palette - Essentials Shimmers £4

Salvation Palette - Hard Day £6

Salvation Palette - What You Waiting For? £6

Salvation Palette - Unicorns Unite £6

Salvation Palette - Ultimate Colour Chaos Palette £6

ULTRA Professional Eyeshadow - Eyes Like Angels £8

They are all so beautiful right! and seriously cheap, that's 128 colours in all those palettes and for all of them that would cost you £40 and if like me you're a huge Urban Decay fan well that wouldn't even buy you one of their palettes! So yes you get a great deal for your money and all the shadows are amazingly pigmented.

Other palettes!

ULTRA Blush Palette - All About Cream £6

Highlighter Palette - Highlight £8

ULTRA Base Corrector Palette - Corrector £6

Focus & Fix - Eyebrow Shaping Kit, Medium Dark £2.50

I think out of these four I am most excited to try out the corrector palette just because I cant wait to see how well it works and if it really can cover up dark circles and red blemishes ect. also can I just say how cute is that brow kit, with the tiny tweesers!! But they all look beautiful and again such cheap pricing!

Individual Eyeshadows/Mascara!

(From left to right) Just Me, Mountains Of Gold, Smokin 1, In The Deep & Blow Your Whistle £1 each

(I LOVE how many gold shimmer eyeshadows I have got in this prize bundle! Like I said in my August Favourites I am loving them at the moment.)

Awesome Metals Eyeshadow - Black Diamonds £4

This comes in a little set with a liquid eye primer and a mixing tray, I'm pretty excited to try this out because I've never used anything like it.

Awesome Lash Power And Definition - Ultra Black £3

Individual Blushes!

Blush - Wow! £1

The ONE Fluid Blusher - Rush Me £1.50

I have never used a liquid blush but it seems cool, could get quite messy, we will have to wait and see.

Lip Products!

ULTRA Velour Lip Cream - £1.50
Move Your Mouth Forever, Nude
Not One For Playing Games, Plum
Say Yes, It's What We Do Best, Red
Salvation Velvet Lacquer - £3
 Velvet Depravity, Purple

Lipstick - Scandalous Felony £1

There are some crazy colours here but also some that I will use very often, but I can't wait to play around and experiment with them.

Face Products!

Vivid Baked Highlighter - Peach Lights £3
Bronze Shimmer Highlight £4

ULTRA face base primer £5

Pro Fix Amazing Make-up Fixing Spray £5

That is everything!! Do you now understand my love for this brand!? All of that for £100 that's a hell of a lot!! I am still in complete shock that I won this, I never win anything and this is by far one of the best things I could have won!! This post is not sponsored, I just thought I would share all the stuff I got with you. I will also be doing individual reviews on these products as I use them over time, so if you would be interested in that please let me know what you would like to see reviews on!
 I hope you have enjoyed this and I would definitely advice buying and trying some of their products they are just so well priced and my first impressions are amazing so give it a go! My make-up storage is filled with Make-Up Revolution now!!

Talk soon x

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