Monday, 13 April 2015

Rimmel London - Provocalips Review.

I have seen and heard so many people raving about the Rimmel London Provocalips lately so I decided to try it for myself and let you guys know my thoughts on the product.

So first off I had to go out and purchase the product, I paid £6.99 which I feel is very reasonably priced and affordable, I picked mine up from a local Superdrug store, however this can be found in many other drug stores e.g Boots. 
I had decided to go with quiet a natural colour and this is in the shade 110 Dare to pink. 

I had very high expectations for this product, some of the unique selling points this has is that the lip colour will last for 16 hours! Now this is a long time and we all know make up brands say there products will last for hours and hours, but as soon as we eat or drink or just lick our lips the product is gone, But this product says its 'kiss proof' and this is what got my attention.

 This is what the lip gloss/stain/stick (I don't know what to call it!?) looks like.
You apply the product in two stages, first of all you put on the colour you need to be really precise because once the product is on it will NOT smudge.

One you have carefully applied the colour you need to leave it to set for about 1-2 minutes and it should feel really sticky.
You then apply the lock and shine side, this then
locks in the colour and gives you that desired glossy appearance.

I then put this 'Kiss proof' to the test, I kissed the back of my hand several times and even wiped my lips with my hand and the products stayed all in place didn't smudge at all and absolutely no colour came of my lips and onto my hand at all!

I have to say I am amazed by this product and I am totally in love, I can't express how excited I am about this!?! Do you know how long I have waited for a lip product that will last the day so I can just get on with my day, eat, drink and kiss without the fuss of reapplying. 
Its safe to say I will definitely be purchasing the other shades available in this collection this is officially my holy grail of all lip products.

Talk soon x

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