Wednesday, 15 April 2015

5 products I couldn't live without

WOW I did not realise how hard this would be, getting my favourite products down to 5 was not easy. Although I could probably live without these products, I just chose my favourite products that I have constantly repurchased and loved.

1. Urban Decay Naked palette - This eye shadow palette is my 'go to' for eye shadows! I love the neutral colour scheme in this palette, most of the shades have shimmer in them which I love (can never go wrong with a bit of glitter) it also has a few matte shades which helps complete a smokey eye look. All the colors are perfectly pigmented so you only need to use small amounts which makes this palette last quiet a long time. I have absolutely loved creating so many different eye make up looks from this palette and would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone.

2. Lush BB Seaweed fresh face mask - Lush is one of my favorite shops and I basically love all of their products! This face mask does stand out from the rest for me though. If you go into lush to purchase a face mask I advice you try them all out on your skin they have many different face masks for all different skin types, oily, dry and sensitive ect. So take a ponder and find which one is best for your skin, I am always left with such soft, clean skin after using a Lush face mask.

3. Maybelline New York Master precise liquid eyeliner - I struggle with eyeliner all the time, its a constant stress of making sure I get that perfect flick and then even when I do I will NEVER get the other eye to match!! However with this liquid eyeliner it has become a lot less stressful, it has a perfect ultra fine felt tip brush which helps me hugely when it comes to applying and the product its self come out smooth and black so there is no need to try and go over it to fill in missed areas.

4. Simple Purifying cleansing lotion - Now Simple is my holy grail when it comes to face care it perfect for sensitive skin and is by far the best brand I have ever used myself. The thing I love most about this product is that not only does it moisturize your skin but it cleans your face as well and I am always left feeling so soft. There is nothing worse then cleaning your face but still having that feeling that your pores are still blocked with nasty stuff! (resulting in black heads which no one wants!) This moistures helps with preventing black heads, I use this morning and night and get amazing results.

5. imPRESS manicure - I am a sucker for stick on nails, I am not a fan of getting acrylics because of how much they can ruin your nails I also don't really like the fuss of the glue on nails, all that mess you get into and that glue ends up all over your fingers (No thank you). That is why these nails are my favourite they won't damage your nails and they are SOOO easy to apply, you just peel of the back plastic and push the nail down onto yours simple!! They stay on my nails for just over a week normally and they are also easy removal so if a few start falling off you can just peel the rest off instead of having odd looking nails.

This has been very fun sharing with you my favourite products that I couldn't live without! I would love to see what your favorite products are so that maybe I could try them out so I tag everyone reading this go ahead and see if you can choose just 5 products!!

Talk soon x

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