Friday, 11 September 2015

Big Box of Lame

Ahhh I'm so excited about this!!
I saw this on Owen Frosties blog and I loved the look of it so checked them out online and it just seemed like such a cute idea that I wanted to buy myself a Big Box of Lame! I very excited to see what's inside mine so let's get into it!!

This is the whole content of the box, it is packaged in such a fun way, it comes with a personalized letter for you and its filled with shredded newspaper so you have to rummage through to find your gifts! It just makes it all a bit more fun.

So first of all I found this little cute badge of a soft orange bird! I am in love with this little fellow and I'm still trying to decide where to keep him, let me know in the comments where you think I should put this little birdy!

I then found this little pocket mirror with a lovely quote on it! "You're prettier when you smile" I love this little mirror and I think I will keep it in my make-up bag!

This is a little badge with a tiny baby squirrel, again no idea where I will use it but I will find a home for it!

Then I found these stickers!! I am so happy I got these stickers I really wanted them! They are so funny and just perfect I want to buy another packet just so I can stick them on every note book I own and on my desk and just all over the house!

I also got these stickets and they are the funniest, sweetest things ever!! I don't know which one is my favourite but I love the "Bitch, Peas" one and the "Olive you, Olive you too" but I could sit here and type them all out because I kind of laugh at all of them so just have a read through yourself!

This keyring is great! It basically explains my life because I am always looking for my keys, I don't think you can really read it but underneath the "I found them" it says in brackets "(AGAIN) and that is what makes this perfect for me.

Next I got these little a6 art pieces, I love the Do more of what makes you happy because I try and stick to that moto throughout my life. The think outside the box is a clever concept and pretty motivational! The floral one is just pretty and that little cloud one is beyond cute, they are all upset so they cry!! I will probably put these up on my wall above my computer, just to try and make my room look cute!

Lastly I got this note book, I love the front it just basic but great! I will more than likely use this to do some blog planning because I always have great ideas!

This whole box is very rustic and I love it, it's a brilliant idea the box only cost £11.50 and it's a lot of fun! Plus it is basically a surprise gift for yourself and who doesn't love that!

Talk soon x

P.S My Cousin/Best Friend Sophie turns 19 today!! Happy Birthday Sophie!!