Friday, 18 September 2015

Make-Up Academy haul

I have mentioned this company once before, and that was in my What's in my make-up bag post, I have bought the highlighter powder and I remember saying that I've never heard of Make-Up Academy but it was really good quality. My friend Charlotte had recently purchased an eye shadow palette and a blush from MUA she said to me how amazing they were and how cheap it was, so I had decided because I do love my highlighter it was probably worth investing in some more products from them, so I went online and just bought a load of stuff to try out, so here it all is for you!

These are the MUA LUXE whipped velvet blush, they cost £3 each which I thought was amazing!! so I decided to buy 4 of them! They are in the shades (from left to right on the swatches) Rococo, Spry, Hedonic and Chichi. They are lovely creme blushes and I'm very excited to try them because I've never used a creme blush before.

This is the Undress your skin Baked bronze, I got this for £3! This is GORGEOUS I love the detailing in this and I can't wait to see what effect it has on the skin! But if my face ends up looking as beautiful as this bronzer I will be happy.

This is the Undress your skin, Illuminating liquid glow in the shade Champagne and this cost £4. I was tempted to buy this because so far I have only used powder highlighters and I think you could get a better effect from a liquid, I could be wrong but now I can find out!

This is the Brow define tinted brow mascara, in the shade fair and it was only £2!! For that reason alone I had to buy it, but honestly I have never used any brow product I always just leave my brows au natural so I thought I would join the craze and see how good I could get my eyebrows looking.


This is the Undress me too Eyeshadow palette I got this for £4 which I think is an amazing price for a palette! The reason I bought this was because it was the one that Charlotte had and as I mentioned in my August favourites I am loving gold shimmer shades so this palette is perfect for me and I can't wait to play around and see what looks I can create.

Finally I decided to buy a setting spray, this one is the Pro-base mattify fixing mist and it cost £5. I wanted to get one of these because I have never tried one and I want to see if it actually makes a difference and helps keep my make-up on for longer. I also liked the look of this one because it is a matt spray so it will hopefully help prevent my face from looking oily throughout the day!

There was an offer on at the time, I think it's over now, but because I spent £30 I got three free eyeshadow brushes! They are super soft and quite full so I'm excited to try them out and I'm guessing I will be investing in some more of there make-up brushes because first impressions I love them!!

I hope you have enjoyed this little haul and it has helped you with deciding what to spend your money on next! Also let me know what your favourite make-up brand is so that I can splurge out on some more make-up!!

Talk soon x

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