Tuesday, 1 December 2015

DIY Christmas tree decor

This is the cutest little DIY decor! I'm absolutely in love with these and I have the both on my book shelf, just making my room that little bit more festive, and homemade products are always the best kind! 

First of all you're going to need some card, string, green paint, PVA glue, wire and mini decorations of your choice. You will also need sissors and a glass bottle or something similar!

First of all I'm going to show you the less messy DIY! 
To begin with you're going to use the card to create a cone and tape into place, you will then need the green wire, and you're just going to wrap the wire around the cone until you're happy with the shape!

Once you're happy with the shape of you're tree you can take it off the cone and you should be left with a crazy spiral of wire, you can also shape the wire now cause it may not stay in perfect shape!
You're next going to get a hot glue gun, or any type of glue and you are going to stick on some decorations of your choice!!

TADAAA! You now have a gorgeous little Christmas tree decoration! 

Next is the messy more creative decoration, seriously, prepare to get paint and glue everywhere!!
First of all you're going to need to paint your string green, this step can obviously be missed if you just get green string! 

Once the paint has dried you are going to need something that resembles a Christmas tree shape to wrap the string around, keeping in mind you will need to peel it off! I chose to use a bottle and I just covered that in PVA glue and started wrapping my string all around it! Leave that to completely dry and you can go and clean everything up.

Once it has dried you're going to have to fight it off!! This took me a good 20 minutes, but I'm happy with it!! Also don't worry if it's a bit messy it's homemade so that's okay!
Next is decoration, again I just used my hot glue gun and stuck on some miniature Christmas lights and pom poms with a star on top. You can use whatever you want.

These are what my two trees look like, I don't think I have a favourite, but the wire tree is defiantly quicker and easier! If you decide to make these I would love to see your creations, they will probably be 10X better than mine! 

Talk Soon xx

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