Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Zoella new product range review

As you may already know I love Zoe Sugg very much she is such an inspiration to me! So when here new products came out I couldn't wait to try them!! I have only bought four of the products at the moment but I will definitely be purchasing the other very soon, and if you would be interested in me reviewing the rest of the products then I will do exactly that!

I bought; Candy cream softening body lotion, Let's spritz fragranced body mist, Fresh fizz fragranced bath fizzer and Scrubbing me softly smoothing body scrub.

First of all the appearance of the products, the whole range has a spring/summer colour scheme going on they are all pink, yellow and blue these are calm pretty colours that work really well together I think. A lot of the products have lace detailing on the packaging, I love this it gives it a feminine girly appearance and again reminds me of spring/summer.

Now the SMELL! OMG words do not explain how beautiful these products smell, they are a Tutti Frutti range so that is the general smell of everything but they do all smell different, like I said I can't really explain it so you'll just have to go purchase them yourself and give them a sniff! Or you could quite simply watch Amelia review the products on Zoes vlog, they all smell of peanuts!

Now the next and final thing which I guess is the most important and that is the actual product so I shall get back to this as soon as I have used them all...

Candy cream - The body lotion has bursting beads in which I personally have never seen or used before and frankly I was memorized haha! They just burst and mix in as you rub the lotion in, it definitely makes it a bit more fun! But the best bit about this product is how quickly it dries, now I hate using body moisturiser because I feel like I have to stand there for ages waiting for it to dry before I can get dressed and then when it gets hot in the day I just feel sticky and horrible but I didn't get any of that with this cream, it dries quickly and soaks in do you're not left sticky! You're left soft and smooth. Perfect everything you could want from a body lotion.

Let's Spritz - First of all this spray is the perfect size to take in you're handbag so you can have it at hand all the time! And I think this is my favourite packaged item, just because the bottle is sooo CUTE! It has a lace pattern all over the back and you can see that through the bottle and the lid is a gorgeous chrome blue with white polka dots!

It is a lovely light floral/fruitty smell and its just perfect for a simple summer spritz! I will be reaching for this little beauty a lot I think.

Fresh Fizz - I am a huge bath bomb lover!! I usually use Lush bath bombs, fizzers or melts but I though i had to give Zoe's fizzer a try because I know that she also is a fan of lush cosmetics so I wondered what hers would be like. First of all I much prefer the block sizes in this bath fizzer compared to the smaller ones on her bath fizzer from her first collection, they are bigger and I do believe the bigger the bath bomb the better! The smell again is so lovely and I managed to have a lovely relaxing bath. The engraved art on the individual blocks is simple and cute. Overall I love this bath fizzer I will still be buying my lush cosmetics however I will defiantly be repurchasing this as it is an affordable perfect alternative.

Scrubbing me softly - Okay I do think I have left best till last!! Out of the four products I have tried this scrub is by far my favorite!!! I am so excited about this, it is a sugar stub so it is softer on your skin compared to salt scrubs, however it worked just as well. I used this over my legs and arms and most of my body to be honest, I just couldn't stop haha! My real love for this scrub was when I had got out of my bath and dried, I then felt my legs and literally could not believe how smooth and soft they were! By far the best scrub I personally have ever found and with out a doubt I will be buying this again and again and again! I then used Zoella Beauty candy cream after my bath and for about a week after I was getting people to stroke my leg to appreciate the smoothness of them!

I hope you have enjoyed this post, I can not wait to purchase and try her other products from this range and I hope I have interested you into trying them for yourself (especially the body scrub) haha I'm joking all of them are amazing but I can easily say that is my favorite. If you would like to see more review posts like this please let me know, and leave a comment with what your favorite products are from the Zoella Beauty range.

Talk soon x  

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