Friday, 7 August 2015

Foundation Review - Rimmel London Lasting finish

Rimmel London, Lasting finish 25 hour nude foundation.
I have decided to do a review on this product because I love finding drugstore/high street foundations that are good quality because they are nice and cheap and easy to pick up!

I do love this foundation, this product was in my July Favourites you can click the link and see what else was in my favorites this month!

What I like most about this foundation is its coverage, it is a medium coverage and this works perfectly with my skin. Sometimes it can be quite hard to find a foundation that looks good with my skin because of my freckles, a lot of high coverage foundations do not completely cover my freckles so it then ends up looking like I have caked thick foundation on my face! (Not good) I have managed to find one or two foundations that do completely cover my freckles which I love for going out but not for day to day use.

This is where the struggle comes in, I do not like many BB creams or light coverage foundations because I don't feel like they do enough! So I search for the perfect medium coverage that doesn't cover my freckles but still gives me a smooth complexion. This foundation seems to do that for me, obviously everyone is different so maybe this product won't be for you but I would say give it a go!
Here is what the foundation looks like on, I have applied the foundation and that is all, so I may look a bit bare faced but I wanted you to see what the products shows like on its own.

I hope you have enjoyed this review let me know if you would like any more like this, and leave comments with your favorite foundations at the moment I would love to try them myself.

Talk soon x


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    1. Thank you! Yours looks great too! Follow for follow?? I'm trying to build up my audience :D xx

  2. This foundation looks so good on your skin! I have this and its interesting to see how much better it is on you! Doesn't suit my skin tone at all!

    1. Yeah I do find that crazy how all different make-up products work completely different on every one!x

  3. amazing blog post :D

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    1. Aww thank you so much!x

      I just checked your blog out it looks really good! I have been considering subscribing for Glossy Box do you think it's worth it??x