Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Brighton Food

I went away for the bank holiday weekend to Brighton and I can honestly say with my hand on my heart that I had some of the best food I've ever had!!
It was a weekend of beautiful, scrumptious food, to the point that myself and George found ourselves enjoys food that we do not like!!!

If you want to see more of the weekend head over to my youtube channel for my blog of the weekend
Brighton Vlog

The first place I want to talk about is The Breakfast Club, I have wanted to visit this place for quite some time. I first heard about it though Zoe's aka Zoellas vlogs! 
And to say the least I am extremely happy that we went!

I went for the Sausage Bap and it was honestly the most divine breakfast I've ever had! looking at the pictures is making me so hungry! Look at how beautiful this food is!!
George had gone for the All American Pancakes which had pancakes of course with Canadian maple syrup, sausage, bacon, scrambled egg and potato. I am not a huge fan of american pancakes at all but I tried some of Georges and genuinely liked them! I could have eaten a plate of them and I kind of really want to!! We will definitely have to go back some time because I want to try so much more of there food, and the restaurant was such a gorgeous, radiant place.
The Breakfast Club gets a huge 10/10 from both myself and George.

We had then gone out for dinner to Al Duomo and again did not fail to please us!! I reached a point where I was so full but I didn't want to stop eating, once I had finally given up George polished off the rest of my meal as well! We also got a table outside which was really pleasant and luckily the weather was perfect.

For our starters George had the Calamari Fritti, Deep fried squid rings, which I did give a go but I am really not a fishy person so it didn't go down too well with me but George finished his all off and seemed to really enjoy it.
I decided to order the Arancini Di Riso, I have never had anything like this but it really caught my eye on the menu, basically it is a rice ball stuffed with mozzarella & peas, with a bread crumb coating and lightly fried with a tomato salsa, this is one of the most mouth watering dishes I have ever eaten, I would quite happily say that is a new favourite of mine, I cannot explain the flour in words but if you are ever in Brighton and find yourself at Al Duomo then I highly recommend this stater.

For our main we had ordered Pane All'aglio, which is cheesy garlic bread, but even something so simple was perfection, we could have defiantly eaten more of that, however saying that I did really struggle to finish my meal! I had ordered the Spaghetti Carbonara, this is a favourite dinner of mine and this pasta was fit for a king oh my word, I got to a point where I felt completely full but I was not stopping just because of how amazing it tasted! George had gone for the Cozze Meuniere, which is fresh muscles cooked with onion, garlic, white wine and cream served with chips, like I said before I am not a fan of fish so I didn't try any of the muscles but George finished them in a heart beat so he must have enjoyed them greatly! I did however steal a few of his chips which were cooked beautifully and with the white wine sauce!!! I couldn't stop eating and we will 100% be returning to Brighton so that we can go back to this restaurant!

We also ordered a bottle of wine with out meal, George said I could choose the wine so I decided to go for Valpolicella, this was a very soft, light and fruity wine which went perfectly with our meals. I want to get my hands of a few bottles of this wine!

Everything about this night was perfect and I could not have possibly enjoyed my food more! These two places to eat are incredible and I strongly advice that if you're in Brighton to give these restaurants a go, you will not regret it!

Talk soon x

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