Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Pumpkin Carving!

Since it's almost Halloween I thought I would try and get as many Halloween posts in as possible, because I love Halloween!! So today I am going to show you the steps of how I carve my pumpkins! This was a practise run, I am aware that this pumpkin will not make it to Halloween haha!

Firstly and most importantly you're going to need a Pumpkin of course! I absolutely love going into a shop and searching through there collection of pumpkins to find the right one for me! I got this guy from Sainsbury for £3.

Secondly you're going to need some pumpkin carving tools, you can get pumpkin carving kits but there is nothing wrong with some good old kitchen knives, a big spoon and a skewer. You will also need a bowl for all the mess!

Right so that is my table all set, try and make sure you have got everything you need at the beginning it makes the carving a much more relaxed and fun experience.

The first thing you need to do is cut a circle out of the top of your pumpkin, this is how you get all the guts out and then you use the top bit as a lid! You can be as adventurous as you want, it doesn't have to be a circle.

Make sure you clean all the pumpkin guts off the lid. I then also like to carve down the edges a bit just so it slots back into the top a bit easier.

Now time for the fun and messy part! Removing all the pumpkin guts, this can but a bit of a workout but keep going it will be worth it!

I like to use a big spoon for removing the guts, I scrap the spoon along the edges and this removes everything. It can be really hard to get all the stringy bits off the wall but by scraping the spoon along it works like a dream!

You should then be left with a nice empty pumpkin...

And a bowl full of pumpkin guts!

A little trick I like to do is add a couple of toothpicks just under where the lid will sit just so it stays in place nicely.

This is down to personal preference but I like to draw a face design on my pumpkin to use as a guideline while cutting! I think it helps with getting the positioning and sizing of the face correct, cause once you've carved it there is no going back! I've gone with a bit of an angry scary pumpkin face.

This is my pumpkin all carved out and I am very very happy with him!! I wish he would last till Halloween :( As you can see I used a couple of techniques, you don't just have to cut holes into your pumpkin, I like to carve off the skin so that you still have pumpkin but it's a different colour, this is what I've done with the eyeballs and the teeth! I used the skewer to help poke out the unwanted bits of pumpkin, and I used the knives just to literally carve over my drawing!

My pumpkin with a candle inside!! I personally think he looks great haha!

If you carve any pumpkins this year please do tag me on instagram or Twitter my links are on my home page, I would absolutely love to see what amazing creations you come up with! I also have some really cool ideas for my pumpkins this year so I will probably do another post on them ones for you! 

Talk soon x

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