Saturday, 31 October 2015

Halloween Pumpkins

Happy Halloween!!!

I have carved some more Pumpkins! I have already done blog post this year on how I carve my pumpkins Here! So this post is just pictures of my new creations!! Hopefully this gives you some inspiration, make sure you show me how you carve your pumpkins this year?!?! I love to see them!!

Why can't we carve pumpkins all year round?? I love it so much!!

These are the three Pumpkins that I bought from Sainsbury, The huge white one is called a Ghost pumpkin and it cost £2.50, the medium pumpkin cost £2 and the tiny on cost £1.

Here are my creations!!!! I love them, and without blowing my own trumpet I am very very proud of them :D

Talk soon x