Thursday, 14 May 2015

Holiday pics - Tunisia May 2015

HELLO EVERYONE!! I am home, I had the most amazing holiday and can not wait to share some of my pictures with you guys! Our hotel was absolutely beautiful and all the staff were so loving, happy and friendly and I will definitely be wanting to go back there in the future. (for those of you wondering we stayed in the Scheherazade hotel in Sousse)

Okay so I understand that Tunisia is a different country to England so it is going to all be very different!? Thats obvious I know but it honestly feels like a whole different world, everything is insanely different for example the driving (OMG) lets just say I had a few panic attacks while in taxi's over there, firstly they don't wear seat belts! I don't know if it's a law over there or not but absolutely no one wore seat belts and one taxi I was in his seat belt was actually broken so he couldn't wear it! Next they use there phones while driving all the time, seriously when we went past a police office the taxi driver was on his phone and waved at the police officer!!! Can you even imagine someone did that in England, I did actually ask the taxi driver if they were aloud to use there phones while driving and his response was "No not really but everyone does, you just become friends with the police officers and they don't mind,  sometimes we get new police officers around here and they don't really know how things work, but you just give them 5 diner and it's dealt with" So they bribe new police officers! Oh and they don't stop at roundabouts they just pull out and hope for the best! They use there horns like there is no tomorrow and they don't stop at zebra crossing or for pedestrians   at all, if you want to get across a road you HAVE to run! Anyway you get what I'm saying its a whole new experience and one that I honestly loved every second off Tunisia is a wonderful place full of culture.

So here are some of our holiday pictures, Enjoy!

Talk soon x

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