Monday, 20 February 2017

The Best Present For A Tattoo Lover

I am honestly beyond excited for George's birthday! I have been waiting for this day for quite some time, I thought of this idea a few months back and have been biting my lip making sure he doesn't pick up on what his present could be!

It is going to be George's 23rd Birthday and for those of you who don't know George is a big fan of his tattoos, as am I!!

For his Birthday I have decided to give him a £230 (get it because he is 23, so £230) tattoo voucher!
But I am not just stopping there I have decided to go as far as design a Tattoo myself.
I have designed a tattoo for him before it is actually the Dragon Tattoo that he has on his leg, now I am not an artist nor am I a tattoo artist so my drawing wasn't perfect and the tattooist took my drawing and edited it about to make it perfect, which I was completely happy with.
I still look at that tattoo on his leg and say that I have designed it because ultimately I was the initial idea behind it!

My point is even if you're not amazing at drawing or art you can still do this and just have a Tattoo Artist perfect your work and bring it to life.
This time round I have decided to draw a tattoo for George'e back, on his back he has got a Joker tattoo which is probably one of my favourites!! He wants to continue the theme of the Joker all over his back, he has also over time decided that one half of his body he has black and white tattoos and on the other half there is colour, hopefully that explains why my drawing is half and half with colour and black and white!

I have gone with the Jokers smile, if I do say so myself I am very happy with it and I really really hope that he loves it!

Just remember that Tattoos are very personal and permanent things, so try not to be too insulted or disheartened if your partner or the tattoo artist thinks it could do with a few changes, they are the professionals after all. You will still be the master mind behind the tattoo and I can guaranty that this gift will put a smile on your Tattoo loving partners face.

Talk soon x

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