Friday, 10 February 2017

Perfect Valentine Gift Ideas - Open When Cards & Love Vouchers

As you will learn from this post, I am not a huge believer in Valentines day! I don't think you should spend too much money just to tell someone you love them on one particular day of the year, I do however think it is a day to celebrate your all year round love for each other, and creating meaningful loving gifts is much better then going out and buying a bunch of flowers and chocolates that cost 10X more than they should!

Open When . . . 

Open When . . . Cards, are an amazing idea for a cheap, easy, loving present for valentines day!
On the front of each card you will write "Open When You Miss Me" for instants and each card will be for a different moment and it will be the gift that keeps on giving, this gift could literally go on all year!

Here is a list of ideas for what cards you can write and a few ideas for inside the cards.

Open When . . .
You receive these letters
You're missing me a little
You're missing me a lot
You're stressed out
You need a hug
You feel lonely
You need to know how much I love you
You need some love
Someone drunk your beers
You need motivation
You need a pick me up
You feel out of place
You're feeling sad
You feel like giving up
You can't sleep
You're worried about the future
You feel like I don't trust you
You've had a bad day
We are fighting
I am making things worse
We fight and it's your fault
We fight and it's my fault
You're doubting yourself
You're not sure about us
We moved out to our first place together

'Someone drunk your beers' is a big one for my boyfriend, in his house there is 5 men! Yes 5 men under one roof and as you can imagine there is a daily struggle of "WHO DRUNK ALL MY BEERS" So for one of those occasions I thought I would make it better by putting a £5 note in the card so that he can go and buy himself some more beers!!

Using all of the ones I have named above is probably perfect, but remember that thinking of personal ones will really make this present special. Make some cards that suit one of your partners hobbies or inside jokes, your aim is to make them smile each time they open a card!

Love Vouchers

(Over 18's only)
(or maybe over 16)
(I don't really know but it gets a bit sexy so just prepare yourself for that or stop reading here)

Love vouchers are another cheap, easy and fun present for Valentines day!
They are simply little cards that entitle your partner to something, because they are for your lover they are aloud to be "anything" you may wish!! 
You can decorate these little vouchers and although it might just be a pile of cards covered in stickers and glitter, it's what is going to come with them that is the real present.

I have compiled a list of voucher ideas, you can take or leave from it as you please! Again remember the more personal you make these the more your partner will love them!!

Any dinner you want, cooked by me
This coupon entitles you to one Breakfast in bed
This coupon gives you 5 free pints
One bubble bath together
This coupon is good for a B***J**
Movie Night and Cuddles
Good for One Full Body Massage
Dinner on me
Long romantic walk and Picnic
A chocolate body paint session

They are my two gift ideas for this Valentines, remember it's just another day! 
On valentines day me and my boyfriend will be working we will probably go to the pub together after work and then go sit in bed watching How to get away with murder on Netflix and eating takeaway, so romantic right haha!

If you're single then I suggest you do the exact same as me and my boyfriend, sit at home binge watch programmes on Netflix and eat loads!!

Talk soon x

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