Friday, 4 December 2015

Top 15 Christmas movies

These are my top favourite Christmas movies!! I love watching films with my family all around Christmas time, it's kind of a tradition of ours and one I love!
Let me know what your favourite Christmas movies are because I'm always looking for new ones to enjoy.

1. Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

 This has to be my number 1 favourite Christmas movie, me and my family watch this every single Christmas eve. It's a brilliantly funny movie, if you haven't seen it then make sure you give it a go this year! The best part that makes me cry laugh every time is the bit where the cat chews the Christmas light, oh and the cat was bought by the crazy nan who wrapped him up as a present!! I'm laughing just thinking about it!!

2. Elf
Obviously Elf had to be right near the top of this list, EVERYONE loves Elf and if you don't then you clearly have gone crazy. This is one of those movies that no matter how many times I've seen it I will laugh the whole way through! Oh also all around Christmas me and my family will answer the house phone and say "Buddy the elf what's your favourite colour?" No matter who it is, we also get a lot of people laughing and there isn't any thing better than spreading Christmas cheer!! I dare you to do it this year!!

3. Deck The Halls

You know what the main reason I absolutely love this film is because I love the idea of being able to see your house from space because of your Christmas lights! What isn't funny about a Christmas decoration war!? They want the biggest and brightest Christmas house and they both go to huge extents to do exactly that!

4. Miracle On 24th Street

I have loved this movie since I was a tiny child! It perfectly captures the true magic of Christmas, and when I was younger I loved how it would make me feel! Christmas is a magical time of year, there is beauty everywhere! My favourite part has to be when she sees Santa in the street and her mum tells her off for saying that, but he just winks back at her!!

5. Fred Claus

I might just love this movie because next to Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn is one of my favourite actors, but I also love the idea that Santa has a brother, it makes him seem even more real if he has a family and he is just a normal old man who is so stressed out because his job is so hard! It also shows that the most important thing at Christmas is your family!

6. The Grinch

Again an obvious one to be in my top favourite movies!! This is a childhood favourite, the grinch is one of the best Christmas characters! And Cindy Loo shows the Grinch that Christmas is all about love and that he can join in. Everyone should be loved at Christmas, even the Grinch!!

7. The Nightmare Before Christmas

First of all I love musicals!! Secondly this Christmas film is different from all the rest, it has a Halloween mix to it and I do love myself a good cartoon! Even a Halloween town celebrates and enjoys Christmas!

8. The Santa Claus

This one is quite an old one but has a brilliant story line! Santa falls down off his roof, he then has to put the suit on and take over for Christmas! There's a clause though, now he has put that suit on he really does have to take Santas place! He starts to get a rather large belly and grows a beard and moustache within a day!!

9. Home Alone

Everyone loves home alone!!! Right?? I also believe that every child wants to be as cool as Kevin McCallister, you'd also believe that if you was burlgled that you would be absolutely fine, because Home alone has taught you all you need to know! You just need paint pots and some string!

10. Christmas With The Kranks

The family that try to skip Christmas! We all know that you can't avoid Christmas no matter how hard you try!! There daughter decides to come home on Christmas so they have to get everything together in a matter of hours, but with no tree, no decorations and NO food!! They have no chance, but the neighbourhood pull together and throw the best chrtsmas day all together!

11. The Polar Express

I never use to like this movie, when I was younger it creeped me out! I think it was the odd cartoon theme, I don't really know but I never like it but after watching it a few times I've learnt to love it! You can get on a train and visit and a magical Christmas world in just one night!! The young boy begins to question if the whole night was real or if it was all just a dream but a gift he recieves in the morning helps him figure that one out!

12. The Muppet Christmas Carol

The Muppet Christmas Carol is a Christmas classic! I do love and enjoy the original version but the muppets version is a bit more fun and it can also keep some younger children interested for longer! But if you haven't seen the original then that's a must see as well!!

13. Jack Frost

This is one of the saddest Christmas movies, which is why I had to put it near the end of my favourites because I don't want to be sad at Christmas!! But it is also magical and happy!! His dad sadley passes away before Christmas but a magical snowman puts the happiness back into their Christmas!

14. Holiday In Handcuffs

I watched this for the first time last year and it was hilarious!! I can't remember it perfectly because I've only seen it once but her family always moan that she hasn't got a man in her life so she kidnaps a man and forces him to pretend to be her boyfriend!! What could go wrong??

15. Jingle All The Way

Last but not least!! Jingle all the way, a seriously funny family Christmas movie! The young boy wants a Turboman toy, as does EVERY OTHER CHILD! It gets to Christmas eve and his dad realises that he has forgotten to buy the toy!! Oh no!! And of course its going to be impossible to find such a popular toy at such short notice! If only he had Amazon prime!!

I hope you have all enjoyed my favourite Christmas movies and I would defindtly love to hear what you've been loving as well! 

Talk soon x

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