Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Westfields Haul

I only bought a few items when I went to Westfields but I still thought I would share it with you guys! I've never done a Haul before and I just love watching them on YouTube soo much so I thought it would be fun to try one for myself!

Let's get straight into what I bought! 

When me and my best friend went to Westfields I told myself that I was just looking and wouldn't buy anything!! But i blame Charlotte she is a bad influence on me and always makes me buy stuff (I also told myself that I "needed" these things). I think we all know its impossible to go shopping and not spend anything!!

Straight away me and Charlotte had to go to Mac and I told myself that I needed a lip liner to match my new lip stick Velvet Teddy which is true I did need one!! I managed to find one which I think is the best match for Velvet Teddy but I'm not 100% sure but it is definitely very close in colour and it is the best I could find! This is in the shade Boldly Bare, it is one or there standard lip pencils so it cost me £12.50 which I feel is quite reasonable considering lip pencils will last quite a long time.

This is what Boldly Bare lip liner with Velvet Teddy matte lipstick look like together.

Charlotte then said "Ohh shall we go to the Models own bottle shop I "need" some" Again with us saying we NEED things that we really don't haha! Although when in the bottle shop I realised I needed a white nail varnish, and since they were doing a 5 for £20 we thought it would be silly not to get 5 between us, so charlotte got 3 and I picked up the Hyper gel in White Light and one from the new Icing collection in Nude Icing. We both also got a free nail file/buffer.

Okay this is something that I did kind of need! I wanted to get a pretty Notebook for me to do some blog panning in, so I decided to go to Paper chase and I found this beautiful sparkly note book with some lovely bright colorful dots on. I am in love with this book and I can't stop writing in it already and it only cost me £7. That is a bargain if you ask me, and I got this pen for £2.50.

This is the last thing I picked up from Westfields and it is actually something I have wanted for a very long time! I have wanted a pair of black jeans for months and months so I went into Bershka and found this slim fit black jeans. I love Bershka for my jeans because they fit me sooo well, they are amazing quality and they are such a bargain!!!! It makes me so happy they were only £15.99 which I think is a reasonable price for a pair of jeans, I mean think of how much you wear jeans and how long they last! I want to go and get more already.

Talk soon x

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