Saturday, 18 April 2015

First time tag

First tweet - I couldn't actually go back to my first tweet but this was the latest one I could get to...

First person you subscribed to on YouTube - Zoella she has been and always will be my favourite!

First Facebook profile picture -

First love - Conor was my first proper relationship so I think it would be him

First alcoholic drink - You know when you're at family parties and you know your parents will let you have some Champagne to celebrate with everyone I always use to pretend to like it just because I thought it was cool but I have always hated it haha!

First job - I was a lifeguard as cool as it may sounds its not the best job honestly it is no where near as fun as it sounds aha

First car - Silver Corsa like the really really really old ones

First person you texted today - Conor I text him "Good Morning!!!!!" Every morning

First person you thought of this morning - Hmmm I really don't want to sound repetitive but Conor?? Haha I'm sorry

First teacher - The first teacher I really remember is Mrs West from primary school and she was THE BEST

First ride on a plane - I think I was like 1 and we went to Spain I do not remember that though

First best friend & do you still talk? - I obviously had loads of "Best friends" when I was a child but my first long term best friend was Storme from secondary school, do we still talk?! HAHA well basically we were not "bad influences" on each other in school and got in lots of trouble together so my mum made them split us up which has sadly resulted in us no longer talking but she was one of my greatest best friends and I would love to meet her again and see how she is doing!!

First sleepover - I guess my first sleep over would have been with my cousin/best friend Sophie we use to live at each other's houses

First thing you did this morning - Checked my phone of course

First concert - My first ever concert was a JLS concert, those were the days

First broken bone - No broken bones I have only ever cracked my ribs OUCHH

First piercing - Ears when I was just over 1 I think

First movie you remember going too - Hmm my parents use to take me to the cinema all the time but I wouldn't be able to even guess my first one! But I do remember going to watch the Lion King in theatres in London and that was such an amazing experience!

First foreign country you've been too - Spain when I was a tiny baby and apparently I left my teddy bear there and my parents bought me a new matching one but I hated it I just knew it wasn't the right one obviously haha

First detention - I think it was because me and my friend climbed to the roof of the school in primary -_- I was quiet a naughty child in primary school I remember standing outside the head teachers office for many many of my lunch times

First roommate - Never had one!?

First sport - I was a little gymnast when I was younger and I still have my first leotard

First thing you do when you get home - Sit down on the sofa and probably annoy my dad

First kiss - Louis he was my boyfriend in primary school for 5 years!! That's the longest relationship I have had so far and he was my first kiss.

Talk soon x

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